Mara here. I like Ambassador Mickey was not a user of trekking poles before I actually used them. And after using them, I love them. They help going up hill, down hill, and crossing streams. Mickey received a pair of Montem trekking poles to test for review. Below are her thoughts.

Trekking poles were never really my thing before. I used to think that they were only for beginners or dare I say older individuals, but now I will not go out without them.

Ninety percent of the time I’m hiking I am carrying 50+ lbs of kid and gear. Trekking poles make my life and balance that much easier.

At first I struggled with my poles collapsing when I leaned on them too much. So we emailed the company and they instantly got back to us to helped trouble shoot. Which is amazing. They gave me helpful tips for using my poles and helped me discover that the collapsing was simple user error.

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Silly me, I honestly didn’t read the directions before using them. I assumed they were like every other trekking pole when it came to use.

However, I am glad they are not. They are actually extremely durable and lightweight.

If you’re anything like me it is super important that everything you carry is as light as it can be. The wrist wraps sync up to prevent slipping or dropping the poles. The grips are made from soft cork and foam. The adjustment has two different locks on them for the height adjustment which really prevents them from accidentally collapsing. The bolt lock secures them first and then there is a flick lock that really tightens them down. This makes for a strong latch.

The rubber tips on the poles did wear pretty quickly and will need to be replaced soon. However, I think this is a likely situation with any trekking poles on the market when truly put to the test.

I really do believe the Montem ultra light trekking poles are a great tool for anyone’s hike. I personally was a skeptic until a stomach-wrenching lean or two put my trekking poles to the test.

I was so impressed I forced my husband to take them on his major elk hunt.

He raved about how much they help his stability and ability to keep climbing the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyo., during his hunt. He couldn’t believe such a light tool could hold his 220-pound frame for hours on end. His first words on my Montem Trekking poles, “I wouldn’t have made it without them!”

The abuse these poles took over the last month has made me and my family true believers in this product.

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