Note: These boots were provided to us to review at no charge by Oboz. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Mara here. Ambassador Heather received a pair of Oboz Sapphire Mid Waterproof boots to review. She talks about how other boots gave her bad blisters. I too had the blister problem. I always got bad blisters along with losing toenails. Last year, I received the Obōz Bridger boot to review for Hike Like A Woman, and I have been very pleased with them. In fact, after a year and many miles, I have gotten minimal blisters and have lost NO toenails.

When I got the Oboz Sapphire Mid Waterproof boots in the mail I was so stoked! You see I had bought some hiking boots a couple of years ago and well… let’s just say not so good. I had blisters all over my feet and it was horrible! What was worse is I had to wear said boots for a week while leading hikes for a camp of young girls. I was doing at least two hikes a day in these blister-making boots. After that experience, I was scared to spend the money to try another brand or type. I mean let’s be honest shoes are not cheap! But, I still needed some good hiking shoes and went with some Salomon Trail Runners. They are great! However, they don’t support my ankles like I want them to when I am in the mountains.

Fast-forward to the day when Oboz gave HLAW a pair of boots to review. I turned in my name to review them. When I got them, I had mixed emotions. First, I was stoked. Then, I was like well, I hope these boots are different. I really wanted a boot that I could use on my mountain trips when I needed that extra support. I also have this bone spur on my left foot beside my big toe that makes wearing some shoes just uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable! Yeah, to say the least I had very mixed emotions.

I put the boots on in the house just to see if I would be able to wear them because of my left foot.

Perfect fit. I wore them around the house and it was amazing! Very comfortable!

I could not wait to take them on the trail! They also did well while doing housework! Hehehe!

I took them on some trails in Arkansas. Some of the trails were flat and some were rocky. On both sets of trails the boots performed amazingly. I had no blisters or hot spots. The first half of the first day, I wore some thicker socks and I thought that they were a little tight around my toes. I just readjusted my laces and that corrected the problem.

The second day on the trails it rained. The Oboz boots claim they are waterproof. So, I decided to try it out on another trail where you had to cross a little creek. The Oboz boots not only kept my feet dry but, when a rock turned under my foot (my fault not the boots. Let’s just say I was a little tired! Lol) I didn’t twist my ankle. If I had been wearing my trail runners, I know I would have twisted it.

Well, you know I may or may not have done it on previous hikes wearing said trail runners.

Overall, I think the Oboz boots performed amazingly!

I would recommend them to anyone. In fact, I am considering buying my husband a pair of Oboz boots. He needs some supportive boots to hike in and these would be perfect! Thank you Oboz boots for allowing me to test these boots. I didn’t think any boots would be good after my first experience. I am happy to say these boots proved me wrong.

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29 comments on “Oboz Sapphire boot review + GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. I have a difficult time finding a wide enough width boot for my feet. I had to go to a men’s boot to avoid blistering.

  2. These sound great! The older I get the more I realize how important good shoes are! Love that they are really waterproof too.

  3. These look great. I love hiking near the Cascade Mountains in WA state, I would love to test these out on that terrain.

  4. Would love a good pair of hiking boots with ankle support. Allot of the trails I do locally are either rocky or uneven… these would be awesome. I love to hike to Cascade Falls and Falling Spring Falls here in Virginia

  5. I love OBOZ, needing a new wide pair since I just spawned some bunions. It’s hard to keep hiking and running when your boots don’t fit. 🙂 I need an epic Hike somewhere out West. Any suggestions to places that aren’t that crowded? I usually hike in the parks around my neighborhood.

  6. I have high insteps and need really good arch supports. I also have metal parts in one of my ankles so comfortable padding and support are also required. These Oboz look like they would be perfect!

  7. We have a Metropark system here and honestly I am still always finding new places. I also got a book that list jiking places within 60 miles of my city and I love that.

  8. Why would you buy your husband a pair when these boots are for women? How is the grip etc.. ? I’m not sure how much thought/research went into this review, but glad you like them.

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