Note: Potty Packs provided samples to us to review at no cost. All thoughts and opinions about this product are our own.

Nature calls upon everyone. So what do you do when nature calls, umm in nature? Ambassadors Lucy reviewed Potty Packs‘ Sh!t Kit and Ambassador Crystal reviewed the company’s Potty Pack. These packs make dealing this issue a little better.

SH!T KIT Review

By Lucy

I received my samples of the Sh!t Kit right before I left for my honeymoon. This was perfect timing since my honeymoon consisted of camping, hiking, biking, fishing and bouldering.

I was pleasantly surprised by the kits when I received them. They are very lightweight and compact. And the retail price makes them even more convenient, at only $2.50 per pack or 20 for $50.00.

The kit doesn’t weigh hardly anything, less than an ounce. The kit is 2.5 inches by 7 inches and almost flat. You won’t even notice it in your pack but you will be glad it’s in there.

The kit includes 4 feet of 2 ply toilet paper, wet wipes for your bum, wet wipes for your hands, a disposable bag and hand sanitizer. Now, the toilet paper definitely isn’t enough for going #2. So, I would recommend carrying extra.

The wet wipes for your bum are the best I have tried. They are thick and moist and contain aloe and vitamin E. The disposal bag is a good size and great for all the packaging and wipes. There is way more than enough hand sanitizer or if you prefer the hand wipes.  Or you can use both, which is what I did.

The only suggestion I would have for the company is for all the products included to be biodegradable.

I plan to continue carrying the Sh!t Kit along with some extra toilet paper in my pack from now on.

Potty Packs Review

By Crystal

Have you ever been somewhere, have to use the restroom and all you is a portable potty. Then you go in there and there’s no toilet paper, no seat covers and no hand sanitizer. It’s the worst feeling in the world. My husband and I tend to run mud runs a lot and they are almost ALWAYS out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer in their bathrooms.

That’s where having Potty Packs are so convenient. They come with everything you need when you get in a “stinky” situation. Each pack comes with a toilet seat cover, toilet paper, wet wipes and hand sanitizer. It’s super small and compact, and can fit into almost anything.

Potty Pack will leave you feeling more comfortable knowing you can go anywhere and not have to worry about if you have toilet paper or not. We carry a few in our hiking packs, my diaper bag and even leave some in my car. I swear I will never leave home without it again!

Enter to Win!

Sh!t Kits

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  1. I would love to have these kits on hand for hiking, camping or even for those upcoming Holiday adventures, too.

    Not a bad idea to have them on hand for summer musical festivals, too.

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