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Mara here. I have a bag problem. For some reason, I have a bag for almost every occasion. I leave my house for work with at least four bags. So of course I have my share of backpacks. For the next three weeks, each Wednesday, Hike Like A Woman will review a Thule backpack. Hmm, maybe I need another backpack after all.

Welcome Hike Like A Woman’s Brand Partnerships & Sponsorship Team Leader Annie to the blog today as she reviews the Thule Stir 35L.

Thule…..a name I wasn’t real familiar with. Once I heard it, I saw it everywhere. On luggage racks, cargo storage bins, roof bars and more. The reason I had heard the name was completely different than what I was used to seeing. Thule had gotten into the backpacking business. Makes sense, they make things to carry gear although it’s usually attached to a car rather than a body.

When these packs became available for review I was in need of one larger than my 13 liter daypack I typically toted. I was skeptical about needing one larger than 35 liters as I am a day hiker versus backpacker and the Stir was touted for longer day hikes. Although I did plan on using it during an ultralight overnight trip along with my usual day hiking.

The Stir arrived and I was eager to try it out. I ripped open the package like a kid on Christmas morning. I did however wait to try it on till I had transferred my gear from my old pack. At first the sternum strap was almost choking me but I simply moved it down. The pack was also sitting too low, so I simply shortened the torso length.

Thule had been brilliant enough to make their Women’s line adjustable! Along with these adjustable areas the hips belts are entirely removable for around town use. The hip belts also housed zippered pockets, even featuring an expandable pocket on one shoulder strap.

Things I like:

• The adjustability obviously. Not two bodies are alike and I love the fact I was able to tweak the pack for what suits me best.

• Pockets! The more pockets the better in my book. All those little pieces of gear like compass, emergency fire starter, knife, etc, have their own cozy homes.

• The material it’s made of; Elastin coated 210D Robic, 70D nylon makes this pack durable, rain resistant, and easy to clean up.

• Side zipper; This little novel addition makes it easy to retrieve things from the middle or bottom of your pack without removing all the contents.

• Rain cover included! Never really thought I would have use for it but on my overnight trip the dew was expected to be heavy the next morning so to ensure everything stayed nice and dry I used it.

Things I’m not fond of:

• The side pockets can be a little hard to reach when the pack still strapped to you, making it hard to retrieve my water bottle and put it back.

• Hip belts pockets are set a little far back on the belt but nothing unmanageable.

• Shoulder strap pocket; Don’t plan on stashing your larger Android device here. It is expandable but my Motorola Moto Z will barely fit with some forcing.

• Hydration compartment; This feature requires a little work to get your bladder and hose into correctly but honestly it’s not that complicated and just takes a little getting used to.

I strapped this pack on during several day hikes of varying lengths as well as my overnight trip. It performed well when filled to the brim with gear and 2 liters of water. Light sleeping bag, hammock, straps, tarp with cordage, two days of food, extra layers, thermos, and more.

On day hikes I had room to spare since I mostly used it during summer months and didn’t require any extra layers. One day hike I opted for water bottles versus hydration bladder which increased the pack weight considerably on difficult terrain. It also added a little more frustration to hydration since the side pockets are not easily accessible when the pack in on your back.

Thule sells the Stir 35L on their site for $139.95 in just two colors, Roaragne and Fjord. The price with rain cover, it’s totally worth the investment.

Overall I’m quite impressed with the Thule Stir 35L. I will not be returning to using my 13 liter day pack and now consider the Stir my every adventure pack.

Win One!

Thule Stir 35L

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  1. Sierra Nevada and Yosemite near the backdoor. My favorite places to be and I need to be there more often this next year

  2. I have been shopping around for a new pack. Scared to pull the trigger on such an expensive backpack for myself. Would love to win one!

  3. In my local area we have Carter Caves State Resort park and has many hiking trails. Gorgeous I really recommend visiting.

  4. Living in Northern California, I’m blessed with unlimited options, all year around, to hike. I love hiking in the Sierras around Lake Tahoe and also by the coast at the Marin Headlands and Kortum Trail along the Sonoma Coast. So many great places in the foothills, too. The South Yuba River State Park at Bridgeport is a big favorite of mine and is the trail that got me hooked on hiking for life!

    Happy Trails!

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