I love stories about people who thru-hike, especially when they make me laugh. Ambassador Lori reviews Jeff Alt’s book “A Walk for Sunshine”, about a man who thu-hike the Appalachian Trail for charity. Read her thoughts below. And if you are looking for an adventure book club, check out the Hike Like A Woman Adventure Book Club.

In 1998 Jeff Alt began his trek to fund raise for Sunshine for much needed equipment. He did this for the love of his brother who had Cerebral Palsy and had been living in a sunshine home for ten years. It’s a spectacular, laugh-out-loud, educational, remarkable and incredible journey of one man’s dream to raise money for a great cause. Not only did Jeff raise the amount of money he wanted, he also acquired much more than even he expected.

Jeff takes you along for the walk of a lifetime – 147 days and 2,160 miles.

With each chapter I felt as if I was on the Appalachian Trail.

I could smell what he smelled and saw the sights through his writings. I hungered for his food cravings and felt cold at night when I was warm in my bed.

The trail names people were given on this thru-hike made me smile and often laugh on how they acquired them. I could not put Jeff’s book down and hated when people in my world pulled me out and off the trail. Jeff brought out the history of the trail along the way which I found fascinating. In the middle of the book lays pictures of Jeff’s journey and really brings the story to life. I loved the short chapters and Jeff’s writing style. It kept me engaged the entire 2,160-mile trek.

When I turned the page for the last time, I felt my tears well up. I didn’t want Jeff’s story to be over. As he made his final summit I sympathized with the way he was feeling. The accomplishments and the un-certainty of what was to come. I imagined how Alt felt standing tall on Mount Katahdin, it transcended beyond his original expectations and became about his own personal transformation as well.

What a triumph!

If you’re thinking of hiking a thru-hike or just want to experience a heartwarming true story I highly recommend the 20th addition of, “A Walk For Sunshine.” Not only does a portion of sales continue to benefit Sunshine; it is truly an inspirational
story that leaves you wanting more.

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