We are excited to bring you 12 Trails of Christmas during this holiday season. For Day 8 we welcome Ambassador Meg as she shows one her favorite trails in Colorado.

Today’s trail is sponsored by:

Today’s trail is sponsored by Montem Outdoor Gear, Tubbs Snowshoes, Backpacker’s Bistro & GCI Outdoor. We’re super thankful for our sponsors so be sure to give them some holiday love!


We hope you enjoy hiking today with Meg! 

But wait…there’s a giveaway too!!!

The Tubbs Women’s Panoramic Snowshoe

12 comments on “Day 8 of 12 Trails of Christmas with Meg

  1. Mount Tallac in South Lake Tahoe might be my #1 fav! What a view. I also loved Horsetail Falls, Mount Judah and pretty much anything in the Auburn State Rec area! <3

  2. Grand Mesa, Colorado! 🙂 We love, love, love living in this part of the West. Definitely don’t take for granted our easy access to the outdoors and mountains.

    These snowshoes would be AMAZING! We just need 1 more pair for my teen daughter, and my whole family will be outfitted and ready to go. WOO HOO!!

  3. My favorite places are the ones far enough from the settlements where there is still wild nature – deep forests, bogs, lakes of Estonia and one can have some alone time with the nature listening the whispers of the wind..

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