Note: BANGS Shoes provided samples to us to review at no cost. All thoughts and opinions about this product are our own.

A company that helps other people is something we can get behind. And BANGS Shoes were founded on helping other. Ambassador Marianne tested some of these charitable and stylish shoes. Below are her thoughts.

I’m a sucker for fun packaging and this was right up my alley! Simple, positive and efficient. I loved opening up the box and reading “Hey Good Lookin’”.

To be honest, I’d never heard of this company and so I went to their website. Right off I liked their vision and mission statement! Their slogan is, “Your Adventure Helps Others Find Theirs”. That totally resonated with me! The name “BANGS” was from the Chinese character for “help”.

Check out their website at and see all the cool things they are up to and read how they are helping entrepreneurs world wide.

I love the look of these shoes. A khaki high top with a mountain range embroidered on the side? Be still my heart…I couldn’t wait to try them out! They are a sturdy canvas fabric with a nice cushy footbed. Bangs recommended sizing up if you have a wider foot. I like lots of room in the toe box of my shoes and so I took their advice. The shoes is somewhat narrower but with the added length they worked out just fine.

I couldn’t wait to try them out and quickly laced them up and started wandering around. They did feel quite stiff the first day and I wasn’t used to casual high tops and they felt a bit constricting and tight. By day two they had loosened up and formed to my foot and were much more comfortable. Now after wearing them for several weeks I really love them.

I consider them an urban hiking shoe. They aren’t for rugged hiking or terrain. Normally I’m the kinda gal that wears her trail runners around town and they are hardly stylish. Wearing the Bangs has been awesome as they are much more attractive and versatile than my runners.

The footbed is much more comfortable than other shoes I’ve worn in this style. The canvas has stretched just enough to form fit nicely to my foot and ankle. The sturdy rubber toe keeps my from stubbing my toes and gives some nice protection.

Would I recommend them for wearing all day around town or running errands and in and out of shops and stores? Absolutely! They are comfortable yet sturdy and again, I think they look amazing.

Would I recommend them for actual hiking or subpar weather? Nope…They are a fun alternative to sport shoes and trail runners and dress up your game a bit but they aren’t for serious sports or hiking.


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