When I started Hike Like A Woman a few years ago I had no idea that it would grow into a place where I’d meet amazing women and make incredible friends.

HLAW has filled a gap that I didn’t know existed in my life.

So much so that I want to share it with more women through our Ambassador program.

This week I formed a Hike Like A Woman Ambassador selection committee to start planning the process that we’ll use to select our 2018-2019 Ambassador team.

As you know, Ambassadors are a huge part of our community. They work behind the scenes writing articles, testing gear, updating social media, sending out merchandise, planning events and volunteer their time because they believe in our mission, connecting women with each other and the outdoors. 

Sarah is one such woman.

She’s a woman who puts a lot of her time and effort into our community and as I’ve gotten to know her over the past 6 months I’ve learned that Sarah is hardworking, dependable and kind.

And that’s why I’m so excited to share her with you today on the podcast!

In today’s show we chat about hiking, climbing and life.


I hope you enjoy my conversation with Sarah today.

You can learn more about Sarah right here –>> Meet Sarah

You can read some of what’s she’s written here –>>

Just click below to listen to today’s show.


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See ya there!

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