Note Keen provided samples for us to review at no charge. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Good hiking boots can make or break a hiking adventure. If my feet are uncomfortable, whether they are wet, blistered, or whatever, I am miserable. Ambassador Lori tried Keen‘s Terradora Mid Waterproof hiking boots. Read her thoughts on them below.

Have you ever slipped on a pair of hiking boots that you loved instantly? That’s what happened when my Terradora Mid Waterproof hikers arrived in the mail. I couldn’t even make it up the stairs without tearing open the box to peak at them. I have to say at first glance they were stunning. I received a pretty blue pair. I couldn’t wait to take them on their first twisted trail.

I decided to take the Terradora’s on every hike I could think of. We walked in mud, through creeks and waterfalls, we climbed up large boulders, walked on tiny loose pebbles and up and down slippery roots. I put MICROspikes over them and wore them on ice and knee-deep slushy snow. Each time my Terradora’s never let me down. My feet came home dry, warm and most importantly, never sore.

I love these boots. Some of the comforts are the gel pads on the inside that help your feet stay comfortable in the longest of hikes. They are very lightweight yet durable. They have great grip, giving you confidence to tackle steep ascent and descents. The laces pass through several holes and on the last one it is farther down then the others securing your boot for a better fit; thus, preventing your feet from sliding around. I never got one single blister while wearing my Keen Terradora’s.

The Terradora’s are designed for woman’s feet and I have to say they are amazing. I have always been a big fan of Keen’s. I have their sandals and waterproof trail shoes. In Canada, they are $175.00 at MEC and in the USA, they are $140.00 at REI. I’d highly recommend buying these waterproof hiking boots to use all year round. If you’re in need of a new boot, treat yourself to these well-made keepers.

Lastly, I want to say…Thank you to Keen Canada for sending me these beauties and allowing me to tell the world how much I love these hikers!

3 comments on “Keen Terradora Hiking Boot Review

  1. I love Keens! Even have several pair of Keen street shoes. I have wide feet, some plantar fasciitis, and bunions, and no other boot has a wide enough toe box for my comfort. I have an ancient pair of Keens that I was considering resoling to avoid the breaking-in-a-new-pair-of-boots syndrome, but maybe I’ll treat myself to a pair of these Terradoras instead!

  2. Thank you for your review. I am looking to purchase a new pair of hiking boots, and I am researching brands and reading reviews. How did you size them?

  3. I’ve had a pair for probably about 7 or 8 months now and I love them . I was a bit afraid at first because I have a wide foot and these were pretty form fitting, but it turned out they fit like a glove. Light weight and comfortable. I’m a fan.

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