We struggle with our body image so much. Society tell us we have to look a certain way to be accepted. But nature doesn’t care, and in nature we can connect with ourselves and learn that we are perfect. And when we learn that we don’t care what society says the “norm” is. Ambassador Lori discusses this idea further. Below are her thoughts.

Have you ever thought you weren’t very overweight and then you see a photo of yourself and you just can’t believe it’s you? It’s real and raw. My body image is something I have struggled with my entire life.

I try and be kind to myself and love me for me. It’s not always easy. I have been on both ends…Skinny and athletic and overweight; almost obese at times. When I am athletic I feel so much better about myself. I’ve noticed society treats me better when I am not over weight. Is it my imagination? I don’ think so. Society for the most part wants us to be thin.

When I’m over weight I feel un-comfortable however, I love eating. So how do we balance it all out, so we feel good about ourselves and still enjoy eating all types of food? How do we look at pictures of ourselves and see us beautiful no matter what size we are?

I know for me being on the trail is a big part of my mind thinking healthy thoughts; as I saunter along the twisted trails it makes me feel fantastic about myself. I found an exercise that can be fun while having rewards. I feel so amazing that I often forget that I am not thin. I think that’s good.

No matter what, most of us will be hard on ourselves and our bodies. I will probably never see my outside self as beautiful as my inside self…I’m a working progress. I’d like to get there, however for now I’ll enjoy my time in nature’s beauty.

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