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Welcome Video Editor Crystal to the blog today as she discusses adventuring as a mom.

Becoming a mom was one of the greatest moments of my life.

After struggling for so long to get pregnant, that moment when I first held my little girl was magical.

My husband and I knew to be parents we wanted to show our children as much of the world as we possibly could.

Before my husband and I had our amazing daughter, we would travel, a lot.

Always searching for the next great adventure.

We would travel all over the Caribbean searching for the best places to Scuba Dive, rush to the mountain tops in the winter to ski and snowboard until our legs gave out, run every mud race we could find, and just do anything that would feed our need for thrill.

Our lives were consumed with work and play.

We would work very hard for months and then take a vacation where we wouldn’t sit, not even for even a second.

Our idea of relaxation was pushing our bodies to the limit, seeing what others only wish they could see, and overcoming our fears.

Like the time we went caving in West Virginia.

We were a mile underground and my husband and I had to army crawl a football field length through a cramped space about 2 feet high.

Both of us fear small spaces, but being able to push through this fear was exhilarating!

Once we found out we were FINALLY pregnant our adventures went on the back burner, not by choice.

Medically I was told not to do much of anything so we could make sure our daughter was born healthy and full term.

Once she was born it took months before we could even consider being adventurous again.

But, even though we wanted to get back to our thrill-seeking ways we knew it wouldn’t be the same for a while.

I wanted to be more adventurous, but I had to realize that I’m a mom.

This was really hard for me.

Our first family vacation together we had to make sure family came with us so we could take one day out of the whole week to go Scuba Diving.

Before we would dive every single day, but now we had a little one to look after.

At first, I thought it was going to be more difficult for me to do, but actually, I appreciate the mini adventures we were having with our daughter.

Our most recent adventure with her was in North Carolina where we went hiking.

She loves it when my husband carries her on his back.

Seeing her face light up when she sees an animal for the first time, touch the leaves on a tree, hears the sound of rushing water splash over a waterfall, it’s experiencing adventure in a whole new way for us.

It may not be the way we “thrill sought” before, but for us, it’s even better.

To be able to see her learn what adventure is, for her to push her own boundaries, and overcome her own fears.

I’m a Mom BUT that doesn’t stop me!

Now we are pregnant with our second child, and once again I am limited to what my adventures can be.

But, we still do as much as we can when I am allowed to by my doctors.

I can’t wait for the new baby to experience all the things our daughter has, and to continue our adventures in the future as a family.

In the future, as our children get older, we plan to slowly work back into our “thrill seeking” adventures.

We want to show our children how amazing the world really is.

From standing on top of a mountain and seeing the vast horizon, to diving under the sea and looking at a world all of its own.

I can’t wait to see their faces light up when they see and learn new things along the way.

We truly believe that in showing them the beauty of nature they will appreciate how important the outdoors are.

And how important they are to continue to save for future generations to come.

Until then, we will take “baby steps” (literally), and enjoy all of our mini adventures along the way!

Being a Mom might slow me down at times BUT it’ll never stop me.

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