The Galentine’s Day loves continues today with a slide show and story from Ambassador Lori. Lori also shares how why having female friends is so important to her.

A few years back while traveling with my mom to Smithers, BC; I met a glacier named, Roche de Boule. It was in this moment that I fell in love with glaciers and mountains and not long after, hiking. When I returned home, I started hiking with a friend and her group she started. When that fell apart I started hiking with just one girl friend. I joined all the local hiking Facebook pages and when women were looking to go hiking, I’d invite them out. I began blogging my hikes…That’s how it all began.

Our group grew quite big. Some stayed and some left.

Today as I look at the tribe of woman and a few men I hike with every week, I know it’s the people I want to align myself with. The people who I enjoy walking the dirt covered trails with. We share our inner thoughts; our joys and sorrows. They are patient with my fears and wait for me on my slowest days. They don’t mind as I saunter along taking photos. I find myself anxiously waiting for the weekends to come so we can get our nature fix and, so I can have my Gal time.Usually when I begin my hike I sometimes arrive stressed. As I walk through the forest my mood changes. I see the tall beauties and the amazingly powerful nature at work.

My GALfriends lift me up even when they don’t know it.

Just being on the trail with me even if we are in silence, it is comforting. By the time the hike is over I have left it all on the trail. I start my work-week with a clear head. Nature does that. The running streams, the crackling trees, the whisper of the wind, the panoramic vistas and the time we spend on the trail, together.

I feel so very lucky to have a tribe of amazing women that I call my friends. I dedicate this day and every day we are out on the trail to them and to YOU.

Happy Gal-entine’s Day!

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