Hi Everyone

Rebecca here with episode 063 of the HLAW Podcast.

Today we get real on the show.

Jessica, Lorna, Felicia and myself all share experiences where we’ve felt self-doubt creep into our lives and force us to question whether or not we are smart enough, brave, enough or tough enough to reach our goals.

On the show today I open up about the stress of purchasing an outdoor retail store and the doubts that I have about my ability to turn it into a thriving and successful small business.

(p.s. Thanks Seth Godin for this inspiration)

Felicia shares her feelings of self-doubt as she chased her dream to become an attorney and how that has helped her cope with her child, who has a terminal illness.

Lorna, who is always our biggest cheerleader, reminds us all to stay focused on our purpose.

And Jessica talks about her divorce, losing her job and working two jobs to put herself through school.

We hope that you enjoy today’s (painfully honest) episode.

Can you do us a favor and share this episode with someone you know who might be feeling a little bit of self-doubt right now?

Thanks so much and enjoy the show!

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One comment on “When Self-Doubt Rears Its Ugly Head

  1. Thank you for another great episode. I take away something every time I listen. This time it was the quote about if it scares you it might be good for you. That was just what I needed to hear as I navigate the second semester of my first year of teaching. A year packed with self doubt for sure!
    So thank you!

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