Meet Jessie Dickerson.

Jessie is a camp counselor. An outdoor educator. A thru-hiker and once she had to call Search & Rescue.

Today on the show we chat about everything summer camp, to the future of our planet and her trek last summer along the California portion of the Pacific Crest Trail.

If you send your kid to camp and they get Jessie as their counselor they are in for an adventure.

You can follow Jessie @jadickerson at Instagram.

I hope you enjoy our conversation today. You can listen to the show right here on our website, just click the play button below.

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One comment on “From Summer Camp to the PCT

  1. I hiked with Jessie last summer and we went to the same summer camp. What an amazing human she is. I’m so glad you got to interview her and chose her to be on your podcast!
    I also just love the idea of your podcast. Hike like a woman! Let’s go 🙂

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