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Is there something you love to do, that you put all your effort into learning when you discovered it? Magazine Editor Lucy describes how her love for bouldering has made her a Force Of Nature.

I love the outdoors and climbing boulders, rocks, trees, mountains, anything that will get me high really. I actually did not realize that bouldering was a sport until 2017. I’ve always loved climbing boulders and seeing how many different ways I could get up a boulder and back down.

I’ve always been fascinated by these huge rocks called boulders. All the little cracks and crevices my hands and feet could fit into. My friends have always said “You’re like a little spider monkey”. You see, I’m only 5 foot tall with short arms and legs. So reaches that would be easy for most require a literal “leap of faith” for me.

I was actually in REI looking at hiking boots and describing that “I like rocks so I need the boots to work well for grip when climbing the rocks” when I was told that there is such a thing as rock climbing shoes. From there IT WAS ON!!!

Here’s the thing, when I find something I enjoy I’m all in. I want to be the best (competitive against myself, not others) at whatever I do. I have an addictive personality, so bouldering is my new addiction. When driving down the road, hiking, kayaking, SUPing, etc. I’m always looking around for boulders I can climb. I keep my shoes, chalk bag and crash pad in my car just in case I spot a boulder I can’t pass up.

I began watching videos of others bouldering to develop my technique. I search for boulder fields all around where I live and wherever I travel. I changed up my aerial yoga techniques to make them more focused on helping with my bouldering skills. For Christmas, I got a set of rock climbing holds and a Talon Grip rope set for training at home.

My mind is always thinking about my next bouldering adventure and how to prepare. When I get to my next adventure my husband literally has to pull me off the rock to make me call it a day. AND has to promise that we will come back ASAP.

My husband and I were watching a TV show one night and the wife had to decide whether to amputate her husbands leg or try a never before attempted surgery to try to rebuild his leg. My husband asked me if he were in that situation would I want him to try to save my leg or amputate it. My response was, “It doesn’t matter. Either way I would continue to climb those boulders.”

I am a force of nature, I can not be tamed!

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  1. This is such an encouraging article! I love the feeling of finding something that you love that it drives you nearly restless. You described it as an addiction, which is so true when it comes to outdoors activities. Though I’ve never done bouldering, except for the wall at my gym, I sure feel that way when it comes to spending time in the outdoors.

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