Social Media Manager April and Ambassador Lori compiled a list for all of us that need comfy, cute, plus-sized hiking attire.

So you’ve been looking for hiking attire and you are not a size 2? On a recent blog post sponsored by REI, we learned that so many of you beaUtiful women are wearing men’s clothing on the trail. We have to admit, this struck a frustrating chord with us and we couldn’t help but listen to you, our followers. We may not be able to completely solve this long-overlooked issue, but we are hoping that our research and compiled list of companies that are offering sizes 14-24 and up to 6 XL at all different price brackets finds a happy place in our distraught readers.

Just because you are not the size 2 on the magazine or in the commercials, doesn’t mean you are not an outdoorsy girl.  Our list of companies below are ones we are happy to see things the way we do – women of all sizes love the outdoors. Some ship and some are local, and a lot of them you may find in local stores as well. Our next step is to share your concerns with other outdoor brands that are not quite following along just yet and let them know we have found what is in demand. We are tall, short, athletic, tiny, large and extra large and WE are hikers and outdoorsy gals! We need athletic wear that is sexy and practical and we deserve to have nice clothes geared for the outdoors because we are beautiful no matter what size we are.


Ships internationally

Sizes up to 22 and 3XL

Jackets (down) for Jasper:

I absolutely love this company; “every jacket sold funds a girl’s education for 1 month in Nepal.” How wonderful is that…

Sizes to xlg (but may go higher as you can have products made)

Ships worldwide:


Sizes 6X/34

Ships to Canada & USA:

Mountain Equipment Co-Op:

Sizes vary depending on company (mostly up to XLG/14/16)

Ships to Canada, USA and worldwide:


Sizes to 14

Ships to Canada (not Quebec):

Mark’s Workwear World:

Sizes can go as high as 2X LG

Ships to Canada:


Sizes to 3X XLG

Ships to Canada and USA:

Valhalla Pure:

Sizes XLG/16

Ships in Canada:


Sizes depending on brand XLG

Ships worldwide:

Knixwear (Bras/underwear/tanks and lounge pants):

Sizing for bras go to an E cup (has a great measuring chart). Lounge pants/underwear/tank & tees to xxlg

Ships worldwide:


Sizes Standard (up to 18) and Plus Sizes (up to 24) and 3XL

Fits small so may have to size up.

Ships worldwide:

Sport Check:

Depending on brand can go to size 14

Canadian shipping only:


Sizes to xlg

Ships worldwide:

Eddie Bauer:

up to 24 & 3XL

Outside USA shipping

past season, different brands. Up to 24

Outside USA shipping

L.L. Bean:

up to 26

Outside USA shipping

Sierra Trading Post:

up to 24 and 3XL

Outside USA shipping

Lucy brand:

find on REI – up to 3X, Get Going Pants:

Lands’ End:

up to 3X

Outside USA shipping

Cabela’s brand:

up to 2X or 18

Outside USA shipping


up to 16, or up to 3X and 22 on REI, sizes tend to run small when purchasing Kuhl hiking pants.


up to 20 or 2XL

Outside USA shipping


up to 18

Outside USA shipping

Old Navy:

Not always the best quality…but prices are low.

up to 4XL

Outside USA shipping,leftnav,Left_Nav_Activewear&clink=leftnav

Torrid activewear:

up to 6XL

Outside USA shipping

Maurice’s activewear

Once again, quality may not be awesome.

Up to 3XL

Outside USA shipping

4 comments on “Plus-sized hiking attire–because we’re all hikers

  1. Size 14, 16, 18 don’t count as plus size. Yes REI carries a FEW large sizes, but very hard to find. My guess it’s about 5% of their stock. 😤 I shopped there every month in the Dallas store for over 15 years. Please do more to support pluse size women.

  2. I know women who are a size S or M who are quite slim, yet have to wear XLG MEC clothing. Just because a company says they have larger sizes, does not mean their clothing is a true fit.

  3. thank you for this list! I wear a size 26-28 US and it’s nearly impossible to find outdoor clothing for warm/hot weather hiking/walking activities!!!

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