What does the word “adventure” mean to you? Hike Like A Woman Brand Partnership and Sponsorship Team Leader Annie tells us what being a “real adventurer” means to her.

Recently while surfing through my Facebook feed I came across an article. Most of the time of I keep right on scrolling but this particular one drew my attention. It spoke of how the term “adventure” was being overused, incorrectly most times and how an during a “real adventure” obstacles are overcome.

Ad·ven·ture (As defined by Merriam Webster)

1a : an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks, a book recounting his many bold adventures

b : the encountering of risks, the spirit of adventure

2: an exciting or remarkable experience, an adventure in exotic dining,  They were looking for adventure.

3: an enterprise involving financial risk, she wanted to pay off her debts before embarking on any new financial adventures.

Now there are two ways interpret this definition, it could be taken in the literal sense or be open and more broad. In my mind, it’s the broader interpretation. 1a & b mention risks, risks can be perceived differently by different people. What maybe risky to some others may consider part of their everyday routine.

An exciting or remarkable experience; Even as a 40 year old I get excited, about a lot, if it’s exploring an old haunt or it’s off to find a new territory to trod. As for the remarkable experience portion of this section of the definition, well heck, that’s just about anything noteworthy to you on your excursion!

Another factor that was mentioned in the original article was overcoming adversity during your excursion is what makes it a “real adventure”. Has the original article’s author met me? If I had an outing, whether it be camping, wildlife viewing, hiking, or canoeing that didn’t have some kind of adversity I had to push through or past, I’d wonder if the sky was going to fall on my head.

Every single time I head out the door and into the wilds of America, I’m on a adventure. Sometimes I don’t make it down the steps of my deck before I fall and incur an injury, other times I wait till I’m on the trail and still others I circle a town 2.5 times before I realize Google Maps is currently on bath salts and I have to revert to old school navigation. There was even a time I had to use a fish stringer to tie my sandal back together so I could continue spending the day canoeing on Lake Barkley. I have a feeling, I’m not alone in this, okay well maybe not the fish stringer but the overcoming adversity part.

Not every outing is an adventure but every outing has that potential for anyone. We can argue semantics all day everyday on just about any topic but the truth of it is, it’s all about perception. Now, go have an adventure!

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