Note: Campak Gear provided samples to us at no cost. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Are you an over packer? Or do you have a big trip coming up? A good compression bag can be a big help. Ambassador Jessica reviewed Campak Gear’s duck canvas compression bags. Read below and see what she thinks.

Let’s face it, I’m an overpacker, whether it’s one night of camping, or two weeks of hiking and traveling. My carry on bags can never fit enough stuff and my backpacks are always overflowing.

After trying out Campak’s duck canvas compression bags, my packing future looks much brighter. They included not one, but all three sizes and styles of the compression bags they offer (oh, and bonus, they tossed in Campak vinyl stickers, yay!).

The bags are durable and easy to assemble. Included with the bags was an instruction sheet. I also watched a short tutorial video on their website. Both were helpful. The bags include a padded carrying strap which is removable, and all three bags are fitted with easy to grasp handles.The small bag also has a mesh pouch on the front for quick access to items like water bottles or cell phones.

I decided to see if my 5 person tent (which has been without a storage bag for the last four years) would finally find a home in the medium-sized compression bag. Along with poles, stakes, and rain fly, it all fit! I also used the small bag over the weekend to pack pillows for a camping trip to Lake Odessa. It fit nicely in the back of the Jeep along with all the other gear.

I did find that it’s better to fill the bags as full as possible to get the most snug and compact fit out of them. The bags do seem to work best when used with softer goods, such as clothing, bedding, sleeping bags, towels, etc. The adjustable straps help secure the contents and keep the bags compressed.

Campak’s compression bags will definitely be heading out with me on my next adventure!

Campak Compression Bag

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