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Mara here. I hike with my dog everywhere. But unfortunately she tore her ACL about a year and a half ago, so her days of running off leash are over. It’s also always to good to leash your dog where you might run into other people or wildlife, if you are not in an area that requires a leash. Ambassador Tanya reviewed the Mighty Paw Bungee Leash and it looks pretty amazing. Read below to see how she likes it.

My pup is always with me when I hit the trail, but she is always so excited the first couple of miles that she pulls and pulls on the leash making my hand hurt!  Maybe you have the same problem too? I finally found a solution…..Mighty Paw’s Dual Handle Bungee Leash!

This leash is amazing!  It’s made of a durable nylon material.  I took this leash through snow, water, and mud dozens of times and it’s still showing no wear.  The handle has a little extra cushion in it for your hand and wrist making it very comfortable to hold onto.  The middle of the leash has a bungee to release the pressure off of your hand, arm, and shoulder when you have a dog that pulls.  When the leash is relaxed it is approximately 46 inches long and if the bungee is fully extended it is approximately 68 inches long.  Then just above where the leash attaches to your dog’s collar there is a second handle! This second handle is great for when you are in high traffic areas or for anytime you need to keep your dog close.  It gives you more control over your dog without having to bunch or wrap the leash around your hand. This was very useful for me when we would come across other people with pets on the trail. I could hold my dog close with very little extra effort on my part.

My pup seems to enjoy this leash just as much as I do!  Or maybe she just loves that it takes her on many adventures! Either way, I highly recommend getting this leash so you can experience the same comfort my pup and I have!  For just $29.99 you too can own Mighty Paw’s Dual Handle Bungee Leash! And maybe you’ll catch it on sale too ($17.99) at or

Might Paw Dual Handle Bungee Leash Review

4 comments on “Mighty Paw Dual Handle Bungee Leash Review + GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. I’ve been wanting a bungee style leash for hikes and walks. My girl goes on every hike with me and does great work the pulling but when we are on the way back to the car she pulls like crazy.

  2. Only urban walks for my pup. Getting too old for ones out on the trail and she is too big for me to carry if she gets too tired.

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