Note: Sierra Designs provided a sample to us at no cost in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Mara here. I thought this Sierra Deisgns Backcountry Bed looked pretty amazing because I toss and turn and get all wrapped up in my mummy bag. Hike Like A Woman Ambassador Sarah reviewed the bag for us. Read how she liked it. Below are her thoughts.

I am always envious of those people who can lie flat in their mummy bag in their tent and sleep soundly through the night. Meanwhile, when I am camping, I am typically tossing and turning, getting tangled up, unzipped, sliding off of my sleeping pad, and sleeping only a few hours at a time.

Enter the Sierra Designs Women’s Backcountry Bed 700.  It is rated to 20 degrees (although you can also order bags ranging from 15-35 degrees) and pretty much solves all of my issues I have with traditional zippered mummy sleeping bags. The price on their website currently is $289.95, so it is an investment, but I think it’s one worth making.

The bag uses a cord system to keep out drafts in the zipperless comforter opening and the fabric is soft and cozy to curl up in.  I tested out my bag while camping for several nights out in the Columbia Gorge in Washington State in April. The temperatures dropped to 40 degrees overnight and I was cozy in this bag.  In fact, by the middle of the night, I was a bit too warm but luckily, it is easy to fold down the comforter and let in more air. There is even a self-sealing foot vent if you need more air flow.

I still tossed and turned while I slept the first night due to the 35-40 mile an hour wind gusts that came roaring through the canyons of the Columbia River, shaking my tent every few minutes.  Despite worrying all night how my tent would hold up, I was at least comfortable in my sleeping bag and able to turn easily from one side to the other. The other aspect I really enjoyed, is that on the bottom of the bag is a sleeping pad sleeve which helps keep the sleeping pad underneath you.  I didn’t have to wake up to discover that the pad was on the other side of the tent. I also liked the shape of the bag which gave me ample room to put in a backpacking pillow in the top of the bag and allowed me to spread out while sleeping unlike tight mummy bags.

One thing to note, since the bag doesn’t unzip, you do have to kind of slide in and out of it, but I found it easy to do, especially with the wide opening.  If you are taking it somewhere where it will be 20 degrees, you will probably want a top layer since it will not keep in air quite as tight as a mummy sack would be.

I used this bag for car camping, but it does come with both a mesh storage sack as well as a stuff sack that condenses it to a decent backpacking size.  There are lighter backpacking bags out there, but at 2 lb. 7 oz. it is definitely a weight I wouldn’t mind carrying into the backcountry since comfort is a luxury worth the weight in my opinion.

I would definitely recommend you try this bag if you are a side sleeper or are looking for a comfortable alternative to mummy bags.

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed

16 comments on “Sierra Design’s Backcountry Bed Review + GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Did you say zipperless? I recently went to a zipperless backpack and love it so you have my curiosity highly peaked! I also love the idea of the pad sleeve because I roll off mine a lot because I am a side sleeper so I roll a lot during the night…another reason I would love to lose the zipper.
    I have to say, I was on a fire in the Dalles one time- the wind howls through there and tents are at the winds’ mercy.

    • Yes! No zippers at all, and the fabric is really soft to cozy up next to. And yes, I can relate! The wind in the gorge is merciless!

  2. I too, have trouble with sleeping bags – I feel strangled by them and claustrophobic. It would be nice to be able to get a good nights sleep and not feel restrained.

  3. Sounds like the perfect bag for me! I’m an all over sleeper, and my mummy is actually too snug through the shoulders. I usually just drape it over me as best I can. I’m a warm sleeper so I don’t think I’d have any issues with this bag.

  4. I always share a sleeping bag (unzipped and used like a comforter) with my husband. I sewed a corner bedsheet that fits both our sleeping pads tightly so they don’t slide apart too much. It works for us, but I know I wouldn’t like sleeping in a mummy bag with it pulled in tight – very claustrophobic. That Sierra Designs bag sounds luxurious!

  5. This sleeping bag looks amazing! I bought a mummy style sleeping bag last year & hate it because I feel claustrophic & cannot sleep on my side in it. Would love to check this one out!

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