Note: SOLE provided samples to us at no cost in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

You can find the right boots and the right fit, but sometimes you just need a little extra comfort and support. Hike Like A Woman Magazine Editor Lucy reviewed a pair of SOLE inserts. Below are her thoughts.

How do I feel about the SOLE Women’s Performance Medium Footbed inserts?  Let’s just say I haven’t taken them out of my boots since the day I put them in, February 19th.

I actually wear my hiking boots every day to work in order to protect my feet.  The SOLE footbeds have really helped with my foot pain. My left foot has a bone spur on the heel and plantar fasciitis.  Of course, I have also worn them on multiple hikes and don’t have a single complaint.

If you are a fan of Superfeet you will love SOLE footbeds.  I have been using Superfeet in my boots for years and pulled them out of my boots to try the SOLE’s.

There are two ways to form the footbeds to your feet.  You can just wear them and they will adapt to your feet after a few days.  Or you can heat mold them. Which involves placing them in the oven for two minutes, then putting them in your boots and putting your feet in and standing for two minutes.  I chose to just wear mold them and they formed to my feet perfectly.

This footbed features SOLE’s trusted customizable support, the addition of Polygiene® odor control technology, a moisture-wicking topsheet, medium volume Softec cushioning and an eco-friendly 100% recycled cork base.

There are many options to choose from to make sure your feet are happy.  I chose medium/ performance as opposed to thick or thin/ active or casual.  Here is a pdf to help you decide which footbed is right for you.

The benefits include:

• Cushioned support
• Reduced plantar fascia strain
• Improved balance
• Natural foot alignment
• Weight and pressure equally distributed
• Heat and wear moldable for customized fit
• Significant benefits of recycled natural cork

The footbeds are $50.00 each.  Which, if your like me, you are calculating how many hours you have to work to pay for them.  But it is totally worth the investment to avoid foot problems on the trail. We all know that if your feet aren’t happy, you are NOT a happy hiker!

I ordered the exact same size as my boot size and they fit perfectly inside my boots

I definitely recommend the SOLE footbed inserts to everyone! Order yours today to be ready for all your summer adventures!!!!

SOLE Women’s Performance Medium Footbed

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