Cheryl Strayed is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Wild, and the New York Times best-selling books Brave Enough and Tiny Beautiful Things and the novel, Torch. She is also co-host of the Dear Sugars podcast and advice column.

She is an author, wife, mom, hiker, activist, world traveler and we are honored to have her as a guest on the Hike Like A Woman podcast.

Today we talk about her experience on the Pacific Crest Trail, the book Wild and so much more.

I hope you enjoy our conversation, just click “play” below to listen.

  • 3:40 Rebecca’s big confession
  • 7:00 On being vulnerable
  • 8:40 How to deal with a critic
  • 13:00 Alone in a room with a big, big pack
  • 19:00 The success of the book Wild
  • 22:00 I love you
  • 24:00 What the PCT taught Cheryl
  • 26:00 Calculated risk
  • 29:00 The death of Charlotte Fox
  • 33:00 Following dreams despite financial hardship
  • 38:00 Squashing negative thoughts
  • 40:00 How to tackle the MF shit out of life
  • 43:00 Teaching her kids about sex and their bodies
  • 48:00 The importance of telling stories
  • 49:00 The best thing Wild did for the outdoor community

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