Note: Avalanche Outdoor Supply Company provided a sample at no cost in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Your clothing can make or break a hike. Find the best pair of hiking pants. Michelle reviewed the Avalanche Outdoor Supply Company’s Shawnee Legging. Read below to see what she thought.

I received these leggings in Feb 2018. So, I’ve had plenty of time to really wear these and put them through the grinder. I chose a medium in the indigo color. When I opened the package, I was horrified for a moment. Packaged, they looked like jeggings. Not my thing. However, once I opened them, they are a lovely color blue with accent trim. They really are nice looking. Such a nice change from my usual black tights. I’m only about 5’2” and the leggings were a bit long. I turned up the trim and they were perfect. I’m still not sure I ordered the right size. I’ve gained weight of late. I’m wearing a 10 and these were snug. A large may have suited me better. But, they were not uncomfortable. It’s a fine line with leggings between a good fit and too small.

I really put these leggings through the wringer. I wore them lounging, mowing, and doing Zumba at home.  I wore these babies on several hikes. I’ve been through water, mud, and briars. I’ve climbed rocks and squeezed through boulder slots wearing them.  I’ve just hiked plenty of trail trudging miles in them too.

I LOVE these leggings. Big, huge factor for all the love is POCKETS!! The thigh pockets on these are perfect. My phone and glasses fit perfect into the pockets. I never lost anything out of the pockets. That’s huge for me. If you were to ask my friends, they’ll tell you I lose something out of my pockets on every hike. Not in these.

Ease of movement is another favorite thing about these. I could climb, step high, squat and even fall with ease wearing these leggings.

I did have to do a bit of pulling them up occasionally. I do believe if I had a large they’d have stayed up better. It wasn’t a huge issue. But it did happen.

These leggings look just as nice today as when I took them out of the package. I can’t believe they aren’t snagged. I went through some serious briars in them. Not one snag. I’ve scooted down muddy rocks and  fallen into the brush with no rips or tears.

They are a little warm for summer wear, but perfect for the rest of the year. They dry quickly, too. Trust me, I slogged through creeks and fell on my butt in them. They dried in just a few minutes.

$50 bucks may seem a little steep for leggings. The way these hold up and the comfort factor make them worth every penny. I can’t wait till the weather cools off to wear them again.

Avalanche Outdoor Supply Company- Shawnee Legging

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  1. These look very interesting! I have tried hiking in legging and found them comfortable, but not having pockets made me crazy. I would love to try these.

  2. I prefer leggings but seem to always go with pants because of pockets for my phone, tp and lip balm (sounds like a common thought!); but these look amazing and have POCKETS!

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