Way back in February I was laid up for a few weeks with an unexpected surgery.

Naturally, I had to binge watch Season 29 of The Amazing Race.

While watching the show I was instantly inspired by Becca Droz. She had two braids and a permanent smile on her face for the entire race.

What’s not to like?

But, the more I learned about Becca the more I realized that I needed to have her on the podcast because I believe that she can inspire the masses.

So, I shot her an email, she obliged and I’m super stoked to share her interview with her today.

I hope you enjoy our conversation! Just click play below to listen:

  • 7:30 Being on The Amazing Race with a complete stranger as a partner
  • 10:30 The hardest parts of The Amazing Race
  • 17:00 On climbing 
  • 12:00 Who inspires Becca
  • 25:00 The importance of solo adventure
  • 30:00 Becca beatboxes for us!
  • 35:00 Funstoppables
  • 41:00 Beat Box Gone Wild

Find Becca here:


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