Note Wild Woman Box provided a sample to us at no cost in order to review. All thoughts and and opinions are our own.

Are you a subscription box kind of person? It’s like getting a birthday present every month! Hike Like A Woman’s Outdoor Education Team Leader, Mentor & Advisor Lorna reviewed Wild Woman Box. Below are her thoughts.

I am a fan of subscription boxes. Over the last several years I have tried at least 7 different ones to see what type of unique products I would receive. It is a monthly surprise, like having your own private birthday party every month.

I have switched boxes over the years because there has always been that small twinge of disappointment from box to box with, oh okay another one of those.

Scrolling through Instagram one day, I saw a post about the Wild Woman Box. They had just shipped box one out. It had some cool stuff in it. I figured, why not try it.

I subscribed and have received each box since box two. I love this box! It is like a colorful collage of masterpieces that mesmerize your senses with this edgy attitude that just empowers you.

Seriously the best box for wild women!

There is typically some medium article of gear and a smaller item. Not just typical gear either that I already have. This is unique items.  Take for instance box three – MF Girl Power socks. I wear them hiking but I also wear them to work on days I am dragging or want that extra encouragement. I can look down and get an instant boost knowing that under my uniform pants is the coolest motivation, no one sees them, but I know.

Use promo code HIKE for $5 off your first box!

There is usually some type of lotion, chapstick or such that is all natural and by a company that you don’t see their products in every store. Box three had some Goddess Garden sunscreen. Definitely useful!  You know it’s good products offered when you go online and buy more of that product and try some of their other products too.

Keep rocking it Fat and the Moon!

Most boxes also have some type of snack. Again, box three had the most amazing Dark ‘n Salties from I haven’t been disappointed by a snack yet that Wild Woman has offered in the box. Each snack could easily be used on any outdoor adventure.

Check out the photo of all the cool stuff that was in box three.

Do you notice past all the cool gear the top of a blueish card titled Wild Woman…well it is a Wild Woman Principle. Each box has one. This, for me, is by far worth it! A box with unique items AND something that helps you leverage a positive mindset. Talk about going the extra mile – Wild Woman summits with this extra little card!  Whoever had the idea to add this to the box was genius!

Wild Woman Principle 101 – ROCK THE MINDSET!

I can’t wait for the next box!  If you ever wanted to try a subscription box, THIS box will not disappoint the WILD WOMAN in YOU!

So, I like giving things a star rating…just so people can have perspective…picture a dark, clear night in a remote and wild area with the sky illuminated by more stars than you count!

Wild Woman Box

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  1. This looks like something I’d like. I’ve subscribed to Cairn for a couple of years and was looking for a different one. This could be it!

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