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Do you hike with gaiters or do you use snow pants or waterproof pants to keep the mud and the snow off of you? I hate my skin getting wet so I try my hardest to keep the water at bay. Ambassador Helina reviewed a pair of Armadillo LT Gaiters. Below are her thoughts.

After an avalanche training with the local volunteer search and rescue team I noticed that many team members had on gaiters. With the mild winter in Colorado earlier this year, gaiters seem like a great substitute instead of thick snow pants. So when this gear review came available, I was super excited to review it. Unfortunately, with the little snow that Colorado received I was only able to take them out a few times.

I took Armadillo Gaiters on a couple adventures and I was happy with both outcome.

The first adventure was up a snowy, muddy trail in San Juan mountains. The gaiters definitely held up during the trail and even to the car. My favorite feature about the gaiters is the quality. The material seems very sturdy and well made. The only thing that I would change is the strap that goes around the sole of boot. This particular strap seems thicker then it needs to be. Walking wasn’t difficult, but you can feel the strap beneath you. I remember using my coworker’s gaiters before I received these ones, and that strap on my coworker’s gaiter was ½ the thickness then the Armadillo gaiters. The strap is made from what looks like a coated leather material, which I sure can handle rough trails, but interesting to walk on.

The second time I took these gaiters out I just threw them into my backpack since it was early spring and was expecting a muddy trail and a few creek crossings. While unfortunately, once again due to the mild winter, we didn’t have much for water from snow pack, therefore the trail was pretty dry. However, I completely forgot that the gaiters where even in my backpack. The lightweight feature makes these great to travel with.

Lastly,  I want to mention how important it is to make sure you order the right size, and that the gaiters fit your shoe very snug. I was dry during the entire time I wore the gaiters. However, I did noticed space between my shoe and the gaiters itself. I’m sure this can also vary with the brand of shoe you’re wearing, cause some brands are designed to be wider, which I think would make the gaiter be flush with the shoe. Overall I would recommend these gaiters to a friend, the price, $49, quality and weight of the gaiters, make them great for long hikes or just a small hike around the neighborhood trail.

Armadillo LT Gaiter

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