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Do you wear a hat or bandana on your head while hiking? Ambassador Christina deems the Headsweats Trucker Hat “The Most Comfortable Hat I’ve Ever Owned.” That’s a bold statement. Read below to see why she liked it so much.

So, I don’t normally do superlatives. Words like “best ever” are reserved for tacos from that hole in the wall place with unsmiling waiters that I drive almost thirty miles to get to simply because the tacos are that good. Or, for that one beautiful summer when IHOP offered cinnamon roll flavored Kings Hawaiian French toast and my husband I ate an embarrassing amount of it (yet have no regrets). Or perhaps it’s being upgraded to first class on an international flight so that you don’t have to sleep on the shoulder of a stranger (alas, this has never happened to me, but I can assure you, it would be classified as “best ever”).

I describe all of this to assure you that I do not use the phrase “most comfortable hat ever” lightly. Just like I have tasted innumerable tacos, I own a significant number of baseball caps, snapbacks, trucker hats, or whatever descriptor you want to use for the hats with the brim. I’ve got a HLAW hat, an Orioles hat, a Ravens Superbowl Championship hat (woo!), a Patagonia hat… the list continues. But I’m here to tell you – my favorite hat is the one I reviewed for Headsweats.

First off, it’s made with some magical material that is neither too tight nor too loose. How do they do that, I wonder? It’s stretchy and supple, and made of this high quality thick material that feels incredibly secure on my head. While I have a serious, committed love of brimmed hats, I do occasionally suffer from headaches after wearing them for long periods of time. But not so with my Headsweats hat. However it’s made, it never leaves me with a headache. And it’s roomy enough to fit my breakfast-at-Tiffany’s-sized sunglasses without feeling like I’m running out of face real estate. It’s a sunblocking, protective-covering miracle!

The second thing I love about this hat is how much it conveys my personality. They have dozens to pick from and each one can convey something fun about you – almost like a graphic t-shirt might. Because I have a big honkin’ crush on the outdoors, my hat says “The mountains are calling…” The fun part, though, is if you look on the inside, there’s a secret message just for me, the wearer: “…And I must go.” How fabulous is that?! I’m just a little obsessed.

I’ve been testing and wearing this hat for months now and I can unequivocally say: go forth, and purchase. They aren’t too expensive and mine arrived really quickly. I typically do a pro/con list with every item I review but, in this case, there really are no cons. So, what are you waiting for?  The Headsweats are calling and you must go!

Headsweats Tucker Hat

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  1. I often have a bandana rolled over my forehead when I am hiking, sometimes a hat, or a sweatband. Though I lost my sweatband last Fall, so haven’t had that in awhile. I always either have my hair in aponytail or a have a hair tie on me. A hat is best I know to protect my head from insects like ticks. I just don’t have one I love yet.

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