Note: Morakniv provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Mara here. For Christmas this year, my brother-in-law got me knife. I always grew up with pocket knives because my dad is a collector. But odd enough it wasn’t until this year that I took one hiking, camping, and backpacking. And boy I have found so many good uses for it. HLAW’s Outdoor Education Team Leader, Mentor & Advisor, Lorna, reviewed the Morakniv Eldris Adventure Knife. Read below to see what she thought.

The quick review for the short attention spans:
First Impression- compact, sharp, nice case and cool lanyard with a fire starter!
Second Impression- hangs nicely and easy to carry anywhere. A little bulky under a shirt.
Final Impression- definitely a great knife and recommend it. I will be shopping the Morakniv knife selection for additional ones because they have a quality product here.

I knew as soon as I opened the package on this gear review, that it was going to be like no other item I had reviewed. Why? Because my husband sat up straighter, eyed it and asked, “What you got there?”

To say we like knives is accurate. To say we share knives is a big ole lie!  He has his and I have mine. Yes, I have asked for and received knives for my birthday and Christmas presents before. I have a little pink boot knife to a large survival knife with several in between.

I did not have, nor had I seen a knife like this. It was a Morakniv.

I was holding it, turning the case and fire starter in my hand with pure admiration, when he said, “Let me hold that.”

He took the knife from the case, ran it along the hairs on his arm and quickly said, “That’s too sharp for you.”  I smirked at his attempt to scoff my knife, “A dull knife is a dangerous knife. Give it back.”

I took it from the case and admired it some more. The model was an Eldris and it was a short fixed blade knife. He was right, it was sharp. I put it back in the case and hung it around my neck.  At this moment it was grander than a diamond necklace.

A couple days later, my husband was working around the yard and appeared in the house, “Where is that knife? I want to use it to cut rope.”  With a raised brow, I passed it to him.

HUSBANDOLOGY: I have a cool knife he wishes he had!

Over months, I carried it in my hiking pack and my purse. I took it camping. I used it for several miscellaneous uses. I opened boxes, sharpened pencils and cut all different things like butter with a hot blade. I tested its ability to start a fire.


I love to wear it in the yard or working around the shop. My only complaint about it at all is when I am bending and moving, it dangles loose and sometimes gets in the way; unfortunately trying to put it inside my shirt is not a comfortable solution. It is too bulky of a case to have inside my shirt.

I love this knife though. I will be shopping more models by this brand because the blade and overall knife quality is highly recommendable and starting at $29.95 on Amazon you can’t beat the price! Great job Morakniv!

Morakniv Elidris Adventure Knife

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  1. I use a knife when I’m opening up stuff or digging in the ground to tether up something. It’s also useful for safety or for cutting rope.

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