Note: Oboz provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Finding a good hiking shoe is so important. Ambassador Tanya says it so true when she says your feet can make or break a hiking or camping trip. Tanya reviewed a pair of Campster shoes by Oboz. Read below to see what she thought.

Footwear is incredibly important to me because my feet will make or break my hike or camping trip.  I do not want to risk getting blisters or having any other problems from my feet being in sweaty boots for too long at the end of the day.  So after each of my hikes I change shoes and try to let my feet air out a bit. My extra shoes used to range from flip-flops to tennis shoes, but I never had a shoe that was lightweight, durable, and breathable all at once.

Then came Oboz’s Women’s Campster shoe! This shoe had everything I was looking for plus a few extras.  The Campster shoes are lightweight and breathable, which is exactly what my feet need after a day in my hot, sweaty hiking boots!  The soles are comfortable and made of a non-marking rubber and EVA making it easy to clean and gives you traction in wet environments.  Also, the upper material is made of polyester webbing and is available in three colors: heather gray/coral (like mine), black, or thyme/magenta.

Oboz’s Campster shoe are so versatile and are great not only after a day of hiking, but also other outdoor adventures. I have been wearing these shoes over the past couple of months and have found they’re great for camping, short hikes, kayaking, and fishing!

Now for my favorite part about these shoes:  the pivoting heel strap! The heel strap is comfortable and sits securely on your heel.  However, if you’d prefer not to have the heel strap you can flip it over the top of the shoe!  How great is that?!

And now the big question:  Are they affordable? YES! At a retail price of $90 you can have these shoes too! Go spoil your feet! You will not regret purchasing Oboz’s Campster shoe!

Oboz Campster

13 comments on “Oboz’s Campster Review + GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. I’ve had a pair of La Sportiva’s I’ve worn through – I’ve been looking to getting a different pair, so your review was very helpful!

  2. I know it isn’t a popular answer, and sometimes I wish I had better hiking footwear, but Sneakers with rubber soles that have some grip are my favorite hiking footwear. They are ADIDAS and made for trails if I remember. I’ve had them about 4 years, but only wear hiking and do alternate. I have wool lined hiking boots for winter, but are too hot outside of late Fall to Early Spring.

  3. During the fall and winter my Merell mie boots are my jam. As soon as spring rolls around I live in my Keen H2 sandals!

  4. I hike in Keens but for after a long day of hiking I have Merrrell’s, Teva’s , or Keen’s. Would love to try these Oboz out!

  5. I like waterproof shoes because I’ve definitely fallen in a creek before. Shoes have to be light, but sturdy.

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