Note: Body Glide provided samples to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Mara here. I was stoked to test out Body Glide’s Foot Glide because I hate blisters so much and have such a problem with my feet. Below are my thoughts and how Foot Glide worked for me.

I was first introduced to Body Glide right before my first half marathon. A woman asked my friends and if any of us needed some. “Because I hate chaffing on my thighs,” she said. I knew exactly what she was talking about. However at that moment I was wearing tights, so my thighs weren’t rubbing skin on skin and I passed on the offer.

What I didn’t realize until after I got home and researched Body Glide is that it would have prevented the inch thick strip of burn across my chest caused by my sports bra. So on my next long run, I slathered it under my sports bra and it worked gloriously.

When Body Glide wanted to partner with Hike Like A Woman to test their Foot Glide product I raised my hand quick and high. Having dealt with many bad blisters on my feet, I’ll try anything to prevent them.

Once, while I was in Washington State I had blisters so badly that my feet swelled to the point where they wouldn’t fit into any of the shoes I brought with me. I had to buy new shoes to fly home in.

Body Glide works by putting a protective layer over your skin. In the anti-chaffing balm it allows skin or clothing to glide over your skin instead of rubbing and causing friction, which then causes blisters.

Foot Glide uses the BODY base formula and adds apricot oil and comfrey leaf extract. On it’s website, Body Glide states that apricot oil is rich is vitamins A and C, which treat damaged skin and are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. (This would have been good for my swollen feet in Seattle). It also states that comfrey leaf extract is used to treat skin ulcers, joint inflammations and bruises.

The instructions tell you to apply before putting on your footwear or anytime during the day to protect against rubbing, dry heels, and cracking. It also says it has all-day protection and I found that once I put it on, I did not need to reapply it.

I really put it through the ringer on my first hike with it because I fell into a creek and hiked the last five miles of my nine-mile hike with wet feet. But with all that hiking and all that hiking with soggy feet, I did not get one blister.

One aspect of Foot Glide that I really like it that it isn’t goopy like a gel or messy like powder. Body Glide also states on it’s website that it stays in place and doesn’t rub away. I found this to be true too.

On a recent hike, I climbed 4,100 feet in elevation on a 10 mile hike. I was moving for about 10 hours. I applied the Foot Glide in the morning while I was getting ready and did not have to reply anymore during the day.

I did get one blister on the side of my big toe, but it was not a place I applied the Foot Glide because I am not prone to blisters there. So a suggestion is when tackling an epic hike, be sure to apply the Foot Glide to all parts of your feet, because we all know too well how blisters can crop up in a places we didn’t think about.

Two days after that hike, I tackled another hard hike. This time climbing nearly 3,000 feet and hiking seven miles. I put the Foot Glide on the spot where the blister had formed and for good measure a Band-aid over it, just in case. I had no problems out of that spot at all.

Also, at the end of the first epic hike I did develop hot spots, a place where blisters are beginning to form, on the insides of both of my arches. However on my second hike, I used the Foot Glide and also had no problems at all.

I would, and do, recommend Foot Glide for those who put a lot of wear and tear on their feet. If my feet are miserable, I am miserable, and blisters can ruin a good time. I had a pretty good feeling I would like Foot Glide before I began to test it, because I like Body Glide so much.

Both Foot Glide and Body Glide have saved my skin many times. At a price point between $5-$8 it is more than worth it to have blister free feet.

Foot Glide

7 comments on “Foot Glide Review + GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. I love Body Glide. I haven’t had a problem with chaffing since I started using it. I haven’t tried the foot glide yet but I need to. I have a spot on one heel that’s constantly getting blisters.

  2. Good for you.
    QI hate to say it but we didn’t have the same good expeeience as you. Several of us used it on our feet but it didn’t work. Or maybe it did but not well. South Carolina is a warm humid climate so that too may have had an impact with the lack of success so.maybe the product works great in dryer climates

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