Note: Happi Headware provided samples to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

How do you tame the frizz? Hike Like A Woman’s Swag Shipper Jill tested Happi Headware’s headbands to pull her out of her face. Read blow to see what she thought.

Full disclosure ~ when a headband review came my way, I hesitated. I’m not a fan of headbands. Most are made for long hair (I have short), they look really cute on younger gals (I’m 57) and they are made for athletes (hahahaha!!).  But what intrigued me the most about this company, was the fact that it was founded by a 16-year old young lady who leads an active lifestyle in Colorado, my home state. That’s when I decided to try out the headband. It wasn’t so much the product itself, it was the fact a youngster was behind this creation.

Alyssa, a Boulder, Colorado resident, has long frizzy hair. She and her friends like to get sweaty. She made it her mission to create a headband to keep the sweat from her active lifestyle off her brow and her hair out of her face. Thus, Happi Headware was born.  If you visit the website, you will see a variety of headbands adorned with photos from the places those involved with the company love to explore. Happi Headband offers both a summer style and a winter style.

I was sent 4 different headbands of the summer variety. The photographs on the headbands are fused onto the fabric using state of the art technology to prevent the photos from fading, cracking or ruining the headband fabric over time.

Listen to Alyssa’s podcast here.

Happi Headware uses a moisture wicking fabric for the inside of the headband. I was surprised to find it lined with a mesh wicking fabric. The outer band fabric is a polyester and spandex blend.

The hard part was picking which one to wear! The photographs on each headband are amazing. The weekend I initially chose to use the headbands, was the weekend fellow HLAW ambassador, April McPherson and I camped at Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. It was in spring and pretty warm. I let April chose a headband to try. She looked adorable in it! We hiked in the Grand Wash which is about a 4 mile in and out hike. We hiked up to an arch and we hiked up a steep, strenuous incline to a wonderful lookout. I really liked the headband and used it throughout the entire weekend. It’s lightweight fabric is really a plus. It didn’t sit heavy or bulky on my brow. It definitely kept the sweat from running down my face and my ears. I was super surprised and ecstatic to find it also kept the sweat out of my hair! I wore it under my wide brimmed hat ~ it worked well that way.

When you visit the Happi Headware website, there are many more headbands available which are adorned with amazing photographs. The hard part will be choosing which headband to purchase. The price, $15 for summer and $20 for the wider winter bands, is very reasonable. In fact, given the high quality of the materials used and outward appearance, I was surprised at how affordable the headbands are. I have my eye on the Colorado flag headband. That is a must for my stash!

I would highly recommend this headband for someone who is looking for functional and fashionable. Plus, the company was founded by a 16-year-old young lady with a vision. Kudos to those who nourished her dream and helped it come to fruition. I wish her all the best in her own adventures!

Happi Headware

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  1. My fine hair is usually controlled by a headband, although very few fit my pea head! Still trying to convince my daughter that a headband will make field hockey & tae kwon do much more enjoyable!

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