Dealing with your period while hiking, camping, or any kind of adventure can be a real bother. But Animosa has come up with an easier way to go with your flow. Ambassador Katheryn, Lorna, and Lucy reviewed Animosa’s Go With Your Flow Pack.


I was recently asked to review the Go With Your Flow clutch pack by Animosa, and it was a game changer for me personally. I am a busy working mom of two, and our family is very active in the outdoors. I like to simplify as much as possible in my day to day routine, and dealing with my period once a month has been challenging in my constantly changing schedule.  I typically have back up period supplies shoved at the bottom of my purse. This clutch has allowed me to organize things better from home, to hiking, to work, to errands. I know everything I need is in one place, always organized and discreet.

The clutch case is very well made and not something that will fall apart easily.  My favorite part about the clutch….IT’S NOT PINK! Yay! For me personally, I can’t stand that most period supplies are bright pink.  I may as well put a neon sign over my head telling anyone around me what I have in my hand and watch them squirm. Not this clutch. It is brown, simple, and well sewn.  The button snaps and outside loops are nice. I have never had an issue with ripped seams or items spilling out. It fits easily into my backpacks or my purse.

The inside has several different pockets that you can use to organize the specific supplies that you prefer.  There seems to be a good versatility since not every woman has the same needs. The personal wipes have a very light, natural smelling scent.  They did not irritate or smell perfumy. Those are two things that are really important to me. Black disposable bags were included that are set up with a “clean hand”  method that allows you to flip the bag inside out, without ever touching anything, and seal it shut. A black case is also included for you to put your disposable items in.  It is a thick, durable material with a heavy duty zipper.

Overall, I don’t have any complaints about this product and plan to continue using it.  I happened to get my period while hosting a large camp-out weekend for my son’s birthday over the summer.  Typically, I would have been pretty stressed about the timing, but the Go With Your Flow pack honestly made it not a big deal at all.  No mess, no odors in bear country, and it was very handy to pack with my gear and know that everything I need is ready to go. I think Animosa did an excellent job thoroughly thinking through what an outdoor woman would want out of this product.


I have to admit, when I first heard about Animosa on the Hike Like A Woman podcast, I was a skeptic. What made it so special? Any woman can have her own ditty bag for storing her Aunt Flo stash while hiking or backpacking.

I discovered what makes it so special when I had the opportunity to review it.  I am not a skeptic any longer.

This compact case has compartments that keep your personal hygiene items organized. It comes with wipes and small, black disposable bags for discretely storing used items until you get to a trash receptacle.  It also had another small zipper case for storage separate of the main case. You can even purchase refill packs that have more wipes and bags.

I tried it out during a couple day hikes, but eventually started using it in my purse to get more use from it for review. It came in handy even at my office.  It is nice to have a discreet case to store my supplies in and the size is perfect for switching from pack to purse.

I later got to use it for a week long camping trip. What could have been a miserable experience seemed so much easier and cleaner!

I don’t go anywhere without it now.

If I had one recommendation for it, it would be for Animosa to put their logo on it…own it and be proud of it!


I was asked to re-review the new updated Animosa Go With Your Flow Clutch because I originally reviewed the clutch when they were in their kickstarter campaign.  The clutch is for ladies to carry while adventuring during their period. I am asked to review a lot of “period products” because I am on my period every day of the year due to a few medical complications.  Anything that makes dealing with your period easier makes my life easier so I am always on the search for these type of products.

The clutch comes with:

The outer carrying case

-I’m glad they removed the zipper that was on the original case.

-It is pretty big so I had a little trouble fitting it into my day pack.

Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8″ x 1.5″

Weight: 2.5 oz (empty), 4.6 oz (with 10 wipes, 10 bags), then you add your menstrual products.

-It is waterproof which is a great feature.

-The dividers are great for keeping everything organized

-The case is durable so I’m sure it will last a long time

-I tend to use the clutch more when car camping because of the size.  When hiking, I take the supplies out and move them to a clear plastic waterproof bag to save room and take weight out of my pack.

Disposable bags

-they are made from biofilm from renewable, non-GMO plant starch which is great!

-it would be great if the bags were shaped more like a glove for keeping your hands clean while removing tampons, menstrual discs and pads.

-also the bags are a little shallow, making it hard to fit tampons, menstrual discs and pads

-the sealing tape is great for keeping things in once you get them in.

Disposal pouch

-it is durable, odor containing and reusable

-it is used to hold your used disposable bags until you can get to a trash can

-it is hard to get out of the clutch because it is the same width of the clutch

-it zips closed so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out

-it is thin and not too heavy so it doesn’t add much bulk to your pack

Personal wipes

-they are ph balanced

-they are hypoallergenic

-they are a great idea for helping you feel clean while dealing with your period

-they are really thin, and rip easily and if you have nails they will poke through if you are not careful

-they are very moist which is great

-the packaging is bigger than most moist wipes I have used previously which would add bulk to your pack if carrying more than a couple with you for a multi day hike

I turned my clutch into a complete potty pack by adding tissue, SH!T kits, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, tampons, panty liners and menstrual discs.

Would I buy the clutch at $34.00?  For car camping, yes. For adventuring, I would probably put together my own little pouch using a waterproof ziploc bag or waterproof reusable bag to reduce weight and bulk.  It is handy to grab and go once you add your own menstrual products.

To Animosa, I would recommend adding hand sanitizer to the clutch or hand sanitizer wipes.  I would also recommend more color choices. The only colors to choose from now are grey or black.  But again, thank you for making it easier for women to get outdoors!

Aminosa Basalt Flow Pack

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