Note: EVER Wear provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

You know the argument “leggins are not pants”? Well, sometime they, in fact, are pants, especially when it comes to hiking. They can move with you, breath, and dry quickly. Ambassador Michelle reviewed EVER Wear’s SweatFlow Leggings. See how how she liked them?

I’m just gonna hit it right outta the park and say these are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn. The EVER brand Sweat Flow Legging is a high-waisted, 7⁄8 length (which means it’s full length for us short girls) legging designed with a patented sweatflow TM fabric with wicking and bacteria reduction properties to keep you cool, dry and not stinky. I wanna know when they are gonna make shirts with the fabric.

These leggings are so soft. I mean, really unbelievably soft. They feel great against your skin. I wear them all the time and everywhere. I thought I would hate the high-waisted panel, but it’s okay. Not at all uncomfortable and it’s helps flatten the belly! Not to forget one of the most important features, POCKETS! Thigh pockets big enough to hold the necessities of life; my phone, reading glasses, sunglasses and lip balm.

I tested the wear 5x without washing claim. I was super skeptical. But, it’s true. It works. Full disclosure, I’m an older woman, so bladder leakage is an issue. I did wear underwear with them. I don’t know exactly how the odor prevention works, but the website says EvDryTM rapidly evaporates the sweat and prevents the growth of bacteria and mildew. Regardless, I’m a fan. I get really sweaty when I’m hiking. No stink is a game changer. I do believe these will be my go-to leggings for hiking and backpacking.


Wearing the leggings through overgrown trail

Speaking of hiking and backpacking, I love to wear leggings for the comfort and freedom of movement but hate having no pockets. Problem solved with these babies. The quick drying, no stink properties make these perfect for hiking and backpacking. I’ve waded into and through thigh-high water crossings in these and they dry super quick. This time of year many hiking trails are overgrown with stinging nettle and briars. Long pants are the only protection. I’ve worn these through some serious overgrowth on hot days and remained comfortable while remaining scratch and sting free. The fabric is incredibly durable as well. I can’t count the briars that I went through in these. Not a snag or a pull on the fabric.

The leggings in thigh-high water during the HLAW retreat

These leggings are all they claim to be. EVER brand also has a 30 day money back guarantee. Don’t like ‘em, then send them back. One of my favorites things about this company is their commitment to improving their environmental and social impact in the world. Every pair of leggings purchased helps to build solar water treatment facilities where needed. Wearing the leggings 5x without washing reduces water usage hundreds of gallons a year per person. And last but not least, the Pakistani manufacturer is FAIR TRADE and WRAP certified and works to improve the lives of their employees and their communities.

While the $75 price tag is a bit hefty, you won’t need another pair of leggings for quite some time. You’re gonna get lotsa bang for your buck and look really fine too.

Be sure and enter the Hike Like a Woman drawing for a free pair. You can visit the Ever brand page here.

EVER SweatFlow Leggins

10 comments on “EVER SweatFlow Leggings Review + GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. These look fantastic! I love leggings because they are so comfortable on the trail and off. So versatile! I’m wondering how snag-proof they are? I love, love,, love the idea of having multiple pockets! I’m ordering a pair soon, and I can’t wait to try them out! 🙂

  2. super intrigued about the anti-bacertial fabric. and also to hear that they are durable even in overgrowth! I always hike in my ugly-but-comfy comfortable pants, but these look worth a try!

  3. Planning a week-long backcountry trek at Philmont and am feeling hopeful about the possibility that this could be the perfect solution for my legwear. I loathe shorts, and don’t like the way most hiking pants fit, if I could live in leggings I would! I fear other leggings wouldn’t be able to handle the trail, mileage, and weather. This one just might do the trick! Super excited!

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