Welcome to Episode 80 of the HLAW podcast.

I’ve been taking a break lately.

Wondering about the future of the podcast.

I’ve been bored with our long interview format.

I haven’t had time for interviews or to edit interviews or publish episodes.

I’ve thought about shutting the show down and taking a big break forever from it.

But in a lot of ways I’ve missed the chance to just turn on my computer, and talk to you, one on one as if you’re right here in the room with me.

So I’m back, the show is back but with a different twist.

I think this twist shows the evolution of HLAW as an online business, it shows the evolution of HLAW as we’ve hired staff and brought on Annie as our CAO, it also reflects changes in my own life as I’ve learned to delegate tasks more, and navigate the world as an outdoor retailer and as a female combat veteran struggling to balance the wants and needs of my husband and family with my own quest for outdoor adventure, the management of HLAW and the day-to-day operations of my ski shop.

What you’re going to see now on the HLAW podcast isn’t just interviews, I hope to bring you along for the ride for topics ranging from hiking, to small business to motherhood and being a wife.

We’re going to open up our content to so much more and really share a lot more of our successes and our struggles. Sometimes it’ll be me talking about what I learned this week, sometimes this show will be a mix of short interviews, we might do some long form interviews too.

We’re finding the courage to be authentic here. We’re finding the courage to change and adapt and hopefully you’ll stick around.

Today on the show we’re talking about failure.

And why it’s an option. Click below to listen.


Episode 80 is sponsored by Deuter, they are a proud partner of HLAW and sponsoring our upcoming Take Your Daughter On A Hike Day and Outdoor Woman retreat. Other retreat sponsors include Rx bars, Noso patches, and Kula cloth.

The HLAW podcast is funded by our members. To show your support for the show visit us at patreon.com/hikelikeawoman.

Upcoming events for HLAW include  the Outdoor Woman Retreat October 19-21st, Take Your Daughter On A Hike day on October 20th and chances are that your local hiking group is planning an adventure for you right now. Learn more at https://hikelikeawoman.net/hike-with-us/


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