So there I was, afraid of dogs.

So there I was, afraid that my parachute wouldn’t open as I took my first jump out of a C-130 at the US Army Airborne School.

So there I was, completely exhausted after laboring for 36 hours to deliver a 9 pound, 2 ounce baby boy, scared that I didn’t have the what it takes to be a Mom.

So there I was cuddled with my 7-year-old the other night telling him stories about times when I’ve been afraid and what I’ve done to push forward through the fear.

He was telling me about something that he was scared of and it suddenly hit me.

I’ve been pushing my children to try to be brave.

We reward bravery and courage in our house.

Perhaps we need to do something different.

Perhaps instead we need to share times in our lives when we’ve been scared so our children know that it’s perfectly normal and okay to be afraid.

The problem is when fear paralyzes us and keeps us from reaching into the unknown.

Today on the podcast we’re talking about fear. I hope you enjoy it.

Just click ‘play’ below to listen:

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