Note: Body Glide provided samples to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Mara here. I hadn’t heard of Body Glide until I ran a half marathon. Someone suggested it to me and now, I don’t go anywhere without it. I not only have problems in my inner thighs, but also my sport bra. But when I use Body Glide I have no problems. Hike Like A Woman’s Videographer Crystal reviewed Body Glide For Her – Anti Chafe & Moisturizing Balm. Below are her thoughts.

I am extremely excited to tell you about my experience using the Body Glide Anti Chafing Balm. This product has been a staple for me over these last summer months. Living in Central Florida, where it’s 90 degrees on a good day and over 100 on a normal one, chafing can become a huge issue. On top of the blistering heat I was in the last trimester of pregnancy with my second child. So as you can imagine, my thighs were screaming for some relief by mid summer. Which is when Body Glide came into my life!

I used this product while not only hiking, but for everyday use. I wore it while attending the summer festivals that our local community hosts every year, and it worked perfectly! One of the festivals was on the hottest day in the beginning of August, in the early afternoon, and with almost no shade. I was a giant sweat bucket by the end of the day to say the very least! I put a good coat of the chafing stick on before we left for the festival, and even with all the sweat I never once had to reapply it! It last for hours, and doesn’t wear off.

What I loved about the product:

• the packaging is very small, so you can easily stick it inside your purse (or in my case my daughter’s diaper bag) and take it with you anywhere!

• not scented and super gentle on my hyper sensitive skin

• lasted for hours without needing to reapply.

• didn’t leave a sticky residue like other anti chafing products I’ve tried.

What I didn’t Like about the product:

• It’s a little tough to apply initially. Because the balm is naturally more solid it can take some time to soften up. I did find that if I had it out and about with me in the heat and the balm warmed up a little (loosened) it was easier to apply. I wouldn’t recommended heating it or leaving it out for long periods of time in the heat. It is a balm, so it could turn into a melting mess! Which I learned when I accidentally left it in my car too long.

Body Glide for Her

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