October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and we at Hike Like A Woman love our four-legged hiking partners. For our third installment of this series, we hear from Ambassador Lori about Shadow Dog. Have you fallen in love with a shelter dog?

Have you ever fallen in love before, really in love? That’s what happened when I met, Shadow.

Before I met Shadow, he was Juno. He was once a sled dog who didn’t make the team. I had been talking with the breeder for months prior, my now ex and I were looking for a dog that had features of a wolf. After months and endless pictures of blue-eyed Huskies, I told the breeder we’d take an older dog. Right away a picture of Juno, came up in an email and we drove the 6 hours to pick up our dog.

Once at our destination we drove along a windy road that landed in a valley far below. We parked and were greeted by several Huskies that ran free in the wilderness in which they called home. I met the breeder, we walked and talked. I believe this was our interview. During this time, Juno, walked several feet ahead as we were asked our intentions with his beautiful six-month-old puppy.  As we strolled along through the grassy land amongst creeks and mountain views at some point Juno, came up behind me. With his teeth he gently grasped onto the back of my shirt giving it a little tug. At that moment our interview was over, and we had our dog. As we drove home we changed his name to, Shadow.

Shadow has been my best buddy for the past 10 ½ years. He only loved me. He’s a funny dog with loads of personality. If someone asks, do dogs smile? Then just ask Shadow if he wants to go for a walk or a car ride. You’ll get the biggest smile ever. We were once walking on the beach and I sank in a muddy type sand. Shadow pulled me out to safety. He protects me on late night walks and when I’m home alone. For years it has just been me and my dogs, then I met the love of my life. Shadow, who only loved me, took a liking to my new guy and my guy to him. He takes the dogs for many back-road adventures. He is the kindest most loving dog and I am blessed to have him part of my life. He is there when I’m sad and knows my deepest secrets. He’s grateful for all the outdoor adventures. I dread the day when it’s his time to leave this earth. That will be the hardest day and days after. Tears stream down my cheeks at the very thought. Until that day I give him loads of walks, hikes, snowshoeing and cuddles.

Dogs have so much love in their little hearts to give. They are there for you and only want to please you. They ask only a little of you…food…walks…love & adventures. If you’re considering a dog head out to your local rescue or shelter. There’s a dog there ready and willing to love you and be your best friend. Be ready and willing to commit to their whole life and be ready and willing to experience what real love feels like.

2 comments on “Loving Shadow and finding the love of your life

  1. Perhaps you could speak to, or address the fact that shelters will not adopt to people that are single, have full time jobs, or live in apartments. Many shelters will not allow adopted dogs to be housed outdoors either, even if the dog is a working farm dog to be housed in a heated shed with a comfy bed.
    I love the idea of adoption, and I have wanted to adopt a dog for a very long time. I too am an avid hiker, and the idea of having a companion, even a little one, would make me feel more secure when I go solo. However, as soon as I mention that I am single, have a full time job and live in an apartment, I get crossed off the adoption list. We single ladies are literally the best adoptive dog owners! We are willing to spend the money on doggy day care, we will have dog walkers come to our homes….our dogs will not be neglected.
    So please, explain to me why do adoption groups shun the single, working, apartment dwellers?

    • Hi Curious Adopter…I totally can imagine how you feel. I have lived in both and I actually do more with my dogs now that I am in a condo. When I lived in a house I walked my dogs once only and then they were in the yard. Now I walk them three times daily and take them on hikes and snowshoeing. I will bring your message forward and see if we can get your questioned answered.

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