Note: OUTXE provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Mara here. The OUTXE 20000mAh Savage Power Bank is a great product for the outdoor adventurer. I have one of these and I love using it, especially on long trips when I need to charge my phone and other electronics. Hike Like A Woman’s Social Media Manager April reviewed it. Read her thoughts below. 

We go into nature generally to unplug and put the electronics aside. Trust me, I am all for that, but I also like the security of knowing I have a powered device in case of emergency, for light music to help me sleep in the backcountry, or for my phone’s camera. I had seen an overwhelming amount of battery packs and solar chargers prior to the OUTXE, and I surely am glad I now own one of these powerful pieces of gear!

So here are some technical specs:

• A milliamp hour (or mAh) capacity of 20,000
• 2W, 400mA solar charger
• 200lm flashlight
• A total of four inputs (two regular USB, one micro USB, and another type-C USB)
• Built super rugged – drop it, bang it around, dunk it in water, no problem!

All of the above is fancy jargon for, “this thing has got a lot of power, and can last days or several charges on multiple devices!” So let’s break it down:

A 20,000 mAh capacity simply means that it can supply 20,000 milli-amps for one hour. To compare that to something relative, my iPhone 7 has a 1,960 mAh battery (divide those numbers and you’ll find out that I can charge my phone about 10 times with this battery pack!).

The solar charger (according to the website) is environmentally friendly yet built with a high conversion efficiency 2W solar panel. Suggested for emergency use only, give this puppy enough direct sunlight and you’re bound to stay powered up in a pinch. I choose to charge the battery pack at home – which takes only about 6 hours – prior to a trip and use the solar charger only as I need if I start to run low (which has yet to happen!). For this review, I did charge it by solar for a small bit just to validate the item’s overall functions. To charge it full just on solar alone, expect at least a full day and half (36 or so) hours of direct sunlight. Again, great in a pinch but stick to the home-charging method to save time and be prepared!

The 200ml flashlight is insanely bright! It also has a couple of modes for dim light and a  flashing mode for use in an SOS type situation. Genius!

This battery pack comes nicely packed with two carabiners and straps to hook it onto your bag also, making it even easier to allow the solar to charge if needed.  While it weighs in just over a pound (18.5 oz.) and does add a little weight, for ease of knowing you will have powered devices to me it is worth it. The retail price is about $50, which is comparable for a piece of equipment this powerful. Well worth the investment in my opinion!

OUTXE Power Bank

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