Note: Qikcover provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thought and opinions are our own.

Being an outdoor adventurer can make for a dirty vehicle! Qikcover seat covers are a great solution to keeping your vehicle clean, while still enjoying your adventurous life. Ambassador Jenn reviewed the Qikcover, below are her thoughts.

Have you ever had something jump into your lap at exactly the moment you needed it?  That is how I felt when I was asked to test and review QIKCOVER. I had just moved from the dry desert of Arizona to the wet and humid Mississippi Delta.  I was driving home from a 4 mile hike in the Vicksburg National Military Park on a 77º day at the beginning of April and thought to myself, as I was dripping in sweat from the 1000% humidity, ‘my Jeep is going to be so gross from all this sweat soaking into it’.  When I got home, there was a message waiting for me to test the QIKCOVER Waterproof Vehicle Seat Protector. QIKCOVER is manufactured in St Louis, Missouri and was designed by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoorsy people, but can be enjoyed by everyone.  Features of QIKCOVER include:

• 100% waterproof
• Non-slip bottom layer
• Ergonomic fit that contours to your seat
• Triple layer of velour, waterproofing, and non-slip backing
• Machine wash and dryable
• Universal one size fits all design
• Durable for the active lifestyle
• Portable stuff sack design

QIKCOVER is sold as a single seat cover and comes in three colors: pink, black, and green.  I had requested pink and was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived to find all three colors and a hand-written note thanking me in advance for testing out the product!

I drive a Jeep Wrangler and will be the first to admit that it is filthy. It is covered, inside and out, in dirt, mud, hiker grime, dog hair, and food crumbs from frequent eating on the go. I’ll also admit that cleaning my Jeep is not my top priority, so anything that helps is appreciated.

It’s the design of QIKCOVER that makes it a universal fit. The cover slides over the headrest and sits on top of the seat opposed to being form fitting.  This design is convenient and makes the cover easy to use, but also accounts for my only complaint with the cover. Because its on overlay, when I have the windows down or the top off the Jeep the cover occasionally flops over onto my left arm.  The cover also requires semi frequent butt repositioning. But, this is truly a minor inconvenience, especially when compared to the benefits of the QIKCOVER.

What do I love about QIKCOVER?  It’s easy to put on and take off, literally slide it over the headrest, adjust its positioning and you’re done!  When I’ve gotten crumbs all over the seat from eating on the road, I lift the bottom of the cover and shake the crumbs off!  It keeps my Jeep from smelling like a locker room and protects my leather seats. I love the pink accent it adds to the Jeep… yep, that is an important feature for me!

I’ve been using the covers since April.  They have survived two extensive road trips, two weekend road trips, and sweat from hiking four days a week in the ungodly heat and humidity that is a Mississippi summer.  As added research for my review I gave the third QIKCOVER to a mountain biking/kayaking friend in Arizona. He loved it so much that by the end of the week he had purchased a second one for his passenger seat.

The covers sell for $39.99 for a single or $74.98 a pair.  You can get cheaper seat covers, but the ease of use and durability alone make them worth the price.

Qikcover seat covers

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  2. I bring old grocery bags for trash but other than that we kind of just accept and embrace the dirt until the next detail.

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