Note: Tinkle Belle provided samples to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Have you ever been caught in a situation and wished you didn’t have to pull your pants all the way down and squat to pee? I know I have. Well Tinkle Belle has provided an answer to that problem. Tinkle Belle is a urinary device that allows women to pee standing up! No way, right? Well Hike Like A Woman’s Magazine Editor Lucy and Outdoor Education Team Leader Lorna reviewed the product. Read below to see what they thought.


I was asked to review the Tinkle Belle Portable Female Urination Device basically because the team at Hike Like A Woman has a running joke, calling me “Cat-Hole Lucy”.  I am the one who gets all the pee, poop and period products to review and I have to teach all the pee, poop and period classes. This time though, I didn’t mind to test the Tinkle Belle.  I have never tried one of these stand up pee things and was curious.

The outer carrying case:

• It’s small (fits in my pocket, purse and backpack).

• It’s cute (turquoise with a white design on it).

• Easy open and close zipper.

• Machine washable.

• Has a carabiner, in case you want to clip it outside your pack rather than putting it down in your pack.

The urination device:

• Folds to fit into the carrying case.

• Long to avoid splashing on your feet.

• Wide at the base, so you don’t end up missing and having urine run down your leg.

• Made in the USA.

• Antimicrobial to avoid germs and bacteria.

• Dries almost instantly.

• No need for toilet paper as you don’t get wet.

A couple notes, things I noticed:

• I wouldn’t wait until you are doing the pee pee dance to try it the first time.  It usually takes me a minute to get it situated perfectly in order to make sure it catches all the urine rather than having any run down my leg (hasn’t happened yet, just get nervous that it will).  Maybe try it in the shower the first time, just in case.

• If you fold it in half sideways and place it in the carrying case, it doesn’t completely unfold straight so you kind of have to hold it straight to keep it from urinating on to your feet.  (see pic) I have just learned while typing this up that there is a proper way to fold it (kind of flipping it inside out on top of itself (see pic). I will try this from now on to see if it unfolds better.  I do feel like folding it this way will get urine on my fingers though. But I carry hand sanitizer.

• Probably much easier to use if you are going commando in a skirt.  You do have to pull the front of your pants and underwear down pretty far in order to get it positioned  (but it is still better than pulling them all the way down to squat and pee).

Would I buy the device at $27.50?  Yes, it is very handy, solves a problem females face in the outdoors and it’s very durable so I doubt I would have to replace it

To Tinkle Belle, thank you for making it easier for women to get outdoors!

Check it out for yourself here.


First impressions: I like the color, case and looking forward to this unique design in female peeing devices that I haven’t seen before.

The device is sturdier than other devices I have previously used. It’s material is more rigid, keeping its intended shape. The extension of it is the perfect length and allows you to see what is going on.

Unfortunately, the device itself is very narrow and shallow. I am not sure if it is possibly my size, age, or the force in which I pee but nonetheless this device does not work effectively for me. It saddens me because I want to like it. Each time I try to use it, I overflow the sides of it. I tried applying it firmly into place to prevent leakage but I still failed. I really encourage them to make a larger device.

Note: the manufacturer recommends spreading open the trough to accommodate an initially heavier stream.

The case for it is the best I have seen for devices. It has a nice waterproof inner liner. Zipper holds up well over time. The carabiner on it allows you to conveniently hook on to your pack or belt loop. The colors on the case are also perfect in my book. Feminine without being over the top. I really like this case!

I encourage Tinkle Belle to consider a wider and deeper design for the ladies with a little more initial flow behind their pee. Good material so don’t change that please.

Tinkle Belle

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  1. I’m the one who waits to the last minute, rushing to get my pants down, while hiding behind a tree, & per on my pants & shoes. This would solve my issue.

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