Note: Aventura provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I have a hard time finding good leggins. They either fit too loose, lose their form after a few hours, or just aren’t comfortable. Ambassador Emily reviewed the Aventura Shakti Leggins. See how they tested.

As an owner of other Aventura products, I was excited to test out the Shakti Leggings and am proud to say they did not disappoint. These are already my new go to pants and know they will last on many trips with great quality.

Living in the mountains of Colorado, in all seasons layering is essential as it can be below freezing at night and in the 70’s during the day. These leggings provide a solution to these times in all activities. I went camping where it was warm during the day and cold in the evening. I threw these pants on for a hike during the day and felt super comfortable. While I believe they are meant to keep you warm, I also felt that during the hike they were breathable and not too hot. The fabric is a great quality and did not easily rip when I got caught on a stick or rip in the buttocks area when sliding down the rocks with my daughter.

And the pockets! What woman does not love pockets. The side pockets are great for the phone, snacks or a trail map without feeling too bulky or tight. I also felt that everything was safe inside and would stay snug. The zipper in the back is great for carrying the valuables keys, cash or feminine products. I felt I was able to hike without carrying a bunch of stuff or a hip pack.

While the pants are leggings, they are form fitting and snug to the body; yet the fabric is stretchy and flexible so I didn’t feel restricted in my activities. The waistband is nice and wide and not too tight on my waist region. They didn’t fall down and also made me feel comfortable as I enjoyed s’mores by the campfire. At night I felt completely warm and comfortable. I even took the leggings paddle boarding on a fall day. I was able to easily pull up the bottoms a bit so I could walk out to the board. I do not believe the leggings are waterproof or meant for water, but when I got lightly splashed on the board, it dried quickly and I felt comfortable.

I tested the color Eclipse. The color is great, a little on the darker side with a heathered look of different shades of blue. They go nice with any tops for layering. I have washed them a few times and they wash well, no pilling or change in the quality. I am 5’2” about 118 pounds and fit comfortably into the size small.

The Aventura Shakti Leggings are my new go to and I have worn them in all activities – hiking, yoga, camping, paddle boarding and just around town. If you can, get your hands on these! At $89.00 @ they aren’t cheap, but well worth the investment.

Adventura Shakti Leggings

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  1. I wear them around the house. Afraid to wear them out unless I am well covered. No one needs to see all my lady lumps.

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