Note: Aventura provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Vests are a great way to keep you core warm but still giving you the mobility you need in your arms. They are also super cute. Ambassador Kimberly reviewed the Aventura Sheila Vest read below to see what she thought.

I received this vest in summer in Wyoming which was actually the best time of year to wear this type of vest. Wyoming summers are days of warm, bordering on hot, clear, sunny days and cool evenings. When the sun goes down the pants, long sleeves, sweaters, and vests like the Sheila Vest from Aventura go on. Much past mid-September when it begins dipping into the lower 50’s at night, this vest isn’t warm enough to handle the chill unless you’re putting it over additional long sleeve layers.

When I was selecting the vest for a review you get to choose from six vibrant colors, not your same old black, white and blue, but orange, silver, and teal, which I chose. I am 5’8” and about 135-140 pounds, depending on what time of year. Sizing has become such a difficult issue lately as I’m normally a medium and a size 8 but have also worn size 4 and extra small tops. I decided to go with a Medium and when I pulled it out of the box, I knew I should have ordered a Small. So, in my world, the vest runs on the bigger side. If you’re unsure, lean smaller.

I like details especially when it comes to tags inside clothing. I’m a tag ripper outer type of person. Scratchy tags are the bane of my existence. This vest comes with a beautiful cotton cloth tag sewn in with real cotton thread. Thank you for NOT using fishing line thread! There was a side tag with all the washing information and construction information which was also a nice satiny type material with real thread. Another nice touch. Although, I was disappointed everything on the vest was 100% polyester. At that point, I knew this vest would be more for style as opposed to providing significant warmth.

The price of this vest at $75 is a bit high for a polyester vest without significant filling for warmth. For this price, I would expect a bit warmer fill. I was also disappointed in the “Made in China” and am curious with pending tariffs if the price would need to be increased. It is difficult to find Made in America products, however, I always make the attempt. After reviewing the ordering process and the story behind the company I admire the direction they are going with sustainable products and fair trade practices, although this Sheila Vest does not fall within either of those categories.

The touches of quality within the Sheila Vest would make me inclined to purchase other items from the company but would be apt to steer towards the fair trade and sustainability items. The Sheila Vest will perform adequately on cool summer evenings in Wyoming, or along the beaches of northern California, but I would be conscious of its warmth providing shortcomings.

Aventura Sheila Vest

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