Note: Protect Life provided a sample to us at no charger in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

First aid is one of the 10 essentials to carry with you when you adventure out into the wilderness. My first aid kit is a hodgepodge of random Band-aides, burn creams, and whatever else. But Protect Life has put one together that will ready you for just about anything. HLAW’s Swag Specialist Jill reviewed the kit. Below are her thoughts.

Here at Hike Like A Woman, when a gear review comes our way we can’t wait to get our hands on it to try it out. Well, sometimes things come our way that are way cool, but hope we never are in a situation where we will need it. Such it was with Protect Life’s First Aid Kit. A first aid kit is something we all need but hope we never need to use.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a phenomenal kit that Protect Life has put together. They have thought of everything! Their first aid kit is perfect for your car, camping, RV or in my case, my side by side four-wheeler. At 1.5 lbs, it’s a little too heavy to put into a backpack, though.

When I received the kit, I was a bit concerned about the weight of the kit for taking on a backpacking or hiking trip. I opened the kit up to see where the weight was coming from and holy cow! Protect Life had taken note of everything you would need for a minor injury situation and packed them neatly into an 8.8″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″ size soft sided pouch. The pouch is made from ripstop material which unzips into a flat package with clear pockets for finding things quickly and two handles for handy transportation. The outside features a reflective first aid cross symbol.

The package has tri-fold pockets with endless compartments which house 200 items ranging from every size of bandage imaginable to a CPR mask, cold compresses, antiseptic wipes, moleskin, tweezers, scissors, survival tools such as a compass, a rain poncho, an emergency blanket and a whistle. Whew! There is quite a variety of items packed into this pouch. There is even an informational sheet to familiarize yourself with the operations of some of the items.

Which comes to something I noticed right away. There is a lot of stuff in the pouch. It would be helpful to have an inventory sheet of sorts that listed everything in the pouch. In an emergency situation, it would be easy to speedily throw everything around sifting through the items trying to see what you had to work with. I unpacked every single item and laid them out to see what was in the inventory. After scanning what was in the kit, I repacked it. I was hesitant to unpack, thinking there was no way I could ever repack it so the kit would zipper shut completely. I paid attention as to which item fit where and repacked the kit completely. I would strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with the contents before you need them. It will definitely save time and stress.

I also thought of taking a few items out of the kit and adding a few personal favorites of my own. Maybe take out some of the bandages and add antibiotic ointment and ibuprofen to the pouch. There are many ways and adequate room to personalize to your taste.

Although I didn’t actually have a chance to use the kit (thank goodness!), I will be prepared for minor emergency situations that might happen to rear their ugly head while enjoying the outdoors. The kit can be found on Amazon for a retail price of $26.95. Not a bad price to pay for the contents and peace of mind.

Protect Life First Aid

8 comments on “Protect Life Review + GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Love the Emergency Pack. Need to add a Whistle to attach to self. Always a necessity to carry hiking, biking, kayaking, all outdoor adventures.
    I Always carry Bear Spray…not just for Bears.

  2. Vicodin! I’ve taken some gnarly falls, and having an single pill or two could make all the difference. I read about asking my doctor for a couple pills before long distance hikes, and he did give me some.

  3. Band-aids. Alcohol based hand sanitizer could be used in a pinch to clean out a cut and I have a small container of saline solution that is meant to rewet my contact lenses, but can be used for a minor first aid situation. Bandana if I need to wash up a cut or wound.

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