With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday there’s no doubt you have been inundated with shopping advertisements. But what if you could combine them all. With Jacket’s for Jasper you can score a nice puffy jacket and help educate a girl in Nepal. Ambassador Lori gives us the details. 

I often feel like being Canadian we take a lot for granted. Education being one of those things…yes, we pay lots of money to live here and many of us work multiple jobs but our education from K-12 is free. It’s not like that everywhere across the globe.

Liz and Len traveled to Nepal in 2011 and hired a porter and a guide for their hiking trek. Little did they know it would turn into a life long friendship. After their 20-day journey they were invited back to their guide Kamal’s wife’s village where they met his extended family. Once there they learned about how important education was to these people. They were asked to sponsor Kamal’s great niece, Resmi. They thought about it, after all they didn’t want to make a commitment if they couldn’t follow through. After much thought they decided to do it. One year later, Kamal and his wife, Nanu had a boy. They asked Liz and Len to name their new addition. They thought of a trip they took to the Rocky Mountains, but Rocky wasn’t a good name. Then they thought of a name that reminded them of big, beautiful mountains so they choose, Jasper. Liz and Len wanted to sponsor Jasper and didn’t know how they could afford it…That’s when “Jackets for Jasper,” was born. Read more about their story here.

I was lucky to meet Liz in her home tucked away in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Listening to her story of how her and her husband are paying-it-forward and in the same moment giving us the gift of being able to participate in their fundraiser.

The puffy jackets laid across her dining room table in so many colours I lost count. “Delicious colours” says Liz. Some with hoods, some without and the newly puffy vests. I new I’d be buying a jacket before I arrived. I buy a jacket and I give a girl education for one month in Nepal. How could I not…

It currently it costs $2750 per year to send a girl to school in Nepal. That includes uniforms, room and board and books. Once Jasper for Jackets, commits to sponsoring a girl’s education, it is for life. That’s kindergarten through grade 12. With all the jackets bought to date you have secured 7 girls’ education for a lifetime. Not only are you supporting education, but you are also creating employment for 7 tailors and Rajan. You can go and buy a name brand down jacket but where’s that money going to?

“Every jacket purchased will fund 1 month of school for a girl in Nepal. We think you’ll agree that these are truly Heart-Warming Down Jackets.”

They can be shipped worldwide and easily ordered with their size chart. There are 50 colours to choose from. They are easily washed with mild soap in your machine on a low temperature and dried with a tennis ball or rolled up socks on a low temperature. They are also cost effective at $109-$149 Canadian. If you’re in the market for a new puffy jacket or a gift for someone choose, Jackets for Jasper. You will fall in love with their quality and the story behind them.

Order yours here.

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    • Hi Sharon, sorry I just saw this now. I’ve been wearing the jacket around two months. I wear it everyday and love it. I hope you were able to get yourself one.

      HLAW Ambassador Lori

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