Note: Thermacell provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Oh my mosquitos are the worst! I’ve never been a fan of using chemicals to keep them at bay. But what can you do? Thermacell has come up with an alternative. Ambassador Francis and Chief Adventure Officer Annie reviewed it. Below are their thoughts.


Have you seen the mosquitos in the South???

Anyone that has lived in or visited North Carolina in the summer knows why mosquito repellent is so important. The mosquitos are menacing and the summer of 2018 has been no exception. In fact, it has been one of the worst summers I can remember. The amount of rain from multiple hurricanes and the hot, humid temperatures have created a breeding ground for these pests.

I like to garden in the summer, and because I spend a lot of time outdoors tending to it, I try to find different ways to repel mosquitos. I have used the traditional sprays you buy in the stores, I have tried to make my own and I have gone without,  which was a big mistake. I have a wooded area and creek behind my house and if I don’t wear some kind of bug spray I am definitely asking for trouble.

When I saw Thermacell MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller I thought it might be a good alternative to the contact sprays. The thought of not having to apply it to my skin made me feel like it was safer and less toxic, but at the same time I was skeptical that it would work because of the lack of contact on the skin.

When, why and how?

After one of our heavy rains this summer, I noticed the mosquitos were being more persistent and aggressive than normal. It was even to the point that I was rushing to get inside and shut the door as quickly as possible because they were flying in the house with me! No joke, there were a few days where I thought I might have a broken window because I was finding them inside which I typically haven’t seen before.

I decided to give Thermacell MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller a try near the base of my front steps going into my house. I thought this area would give me protection near my door, but also provide a safe space to and from my car given it is supposed create a 15 ft. by 15 ft. protection zone.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I thought something is better than nothing so why not give it a try. I was tired of swatting away the mosquitos and rushing thru my front door all while trying to get myself in and make sure my dog, Max, did not get out. It was turning into chaos! I know most people would probably want to use a product like this when they go camping, and I had even wanted to try it around my garden, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I was a woman on a mission.

I unboxed the handheld repeller, the cartridge and the mats along with the directions. At first it felt a little intimidating considering I was just used to spray and go. I am not a person who typically follows directions so I did take my time reading the directions to make sure I did everything correctly. Reading the directions actually took longer than putting it together and when I say “putting it together” it is an overstatement. It was just sliding the small mat under the front grill and screwing in the butane cartridge. Easy, peasey, lemon squeezy.

After it was all put together I turned it on and you can hear the butane light. It is faint, but audible. This is where I ran into a minor issue. The directions tell you that you will see a faint orange glow when it turns on. I did not see this glow right away so I unscrewed the butane and tried again. I must have done this at least three times before I saw it. I think it must have been user error, but not sure exactly, and all I know is I was excited when it did come on. I immediately went outside, got into position at the bottom of the steps and pressed the button 5 times. The directions say press 3-5 times and honestly I might have pressed one extra for a total of 6. I got trigger happy. The directions also don’t say to wave your arms around but I might have done that also thinking it might spread it out better. Remember I said earlier I don’t typically read directions, well this would be your proof. There was no smell that I can recall which is a little odd especially when I am used to smelling sprays that I have used before to repel mosquitos.

My thoughts on Thermacell MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller

I am pleasantly surprised to say it worked and I don’t recall another mosquito following me inside my house after using it or even the next morning. The repeller didn’t seem to get hot but I let it sit out a few minutes before putting it back in the box just to be safe. The price is reasonable at $24.99 on the Thermacell website and I like how the directions are available online, because I lose the paper instructions almost immediately.

I am recommending this to my friends and family and have already suggested the product to my parents who are avid campers. Here are the reasons that resonate the most with me!

Reasons to Purchase:

No direct chemical contact to skin!
Easy to use!
Takes up little space!
Save you days of red mosquito bites and itching!
All wins for me!

Good Luck and happy mosquito repelling!


I decided to buy the Thermacell  MR300 repeller after a Summer of torment by mosquitoes and other other flying insects, plus I scored a 40% promo code at Summer Outdoor Retailer. I was done being eaten alive as I hiked or camped despite spraying myself down with a widely used repellent.

I was excited when the Thermacell MR300 Repeller arrived but also a little intimidated. I had never used anything like it before but I read the instructions thoroughly and felt ready to give it a go. Just to make sure I knew how to use it, I screwed in the butane container and pushed the repellent soaked pad into its home on the metal plate. A quick flip of the switch into the on position, a few seconds later three clicks of the igniter and boom! Mosquito annihilation was about to begin.

The Thermacell MR300 went with me on several trips, tucked safely into the side pocket of my backpack. The rear of the Thermacell does tend to get warm but not warm enough to melt anything sturdy. I hiked several miles in the Shawnee National Forest, a swamp in Mississippi and used the Thermacell when camping in Land Between the Lakes. Each time the only instances I was bothered by flying insects of any kind is when the pad needed replaced. My husband did make the mistake of trailing to far behind a few times and was quickly feeling the bites of mosquitoes and flies. I reminded him of the 15’ range and once close enough, he was safe from the flying nuisances.

Thermacell Repeller MR300 is a life saver! No more mad marches through the woods driven by the threat of being eaten alive should you stop for any instance. No more open flame candles around camp to worry about the dog getting to curious about, just a little butane container, a small pad and bug free bliss.

For a retail cost of $24.99, you can’t beat the price. Refills of one butane cartridge that lasts 12 hours & 3 repellent pads which last 4 hours each is just $7.99 or cheaper, available in many stores or online. I would totally recommend adding a Thermacell to your arsenal of protection against flying insects that can be more than a nuisance but could also be carrying diseases.

Thermacell MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller

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  1. Mosquitos and ticks. I use insect repellent with lots of deet and keep myself as covered up as possible, especially in the warm and wet spring months.

  2. Ticks creep me out. I mean, not only can they be a pain, but they are creepy crawly…. ICK! I use deet to keep me bug free.

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