Note: Wenzel provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Your pack is how you carry all your gear with you. The way a backpack fits, carries your gear and overall performs can make or break a hike. Ambassador Helina reviewed the Wenzel Boulderdasche. Read below to see what she thought!

I was so excited to try out this Wenzel pack, I’ve seen the brand around before and was curious on how it would compare to style and comfort of backpacks that I’m used to using for recreational activity.  It’s a 33-liter backpack so it had plenty of room for a long day trip, as long as you don’t pack everything and the kitchen sink.

I put it the test on four 14’ers in Colorado and a trail restoration adventure. Myself and two other HLAW ambassadors met up to climb Mt. Bierstadt at 14,060 ft. It was an early August morning that misted us with a nice, cold, damp precipitation. Therefore, layers where in order, cause Colorado weather could always give you a surprise. In my Wenzel Boulderdasche was two 32 L water bottles, a 2.5L hydration pack, first aid kit, rain jacket, head lamp and lunch. All of my other layers were already on me to start the hike.

Well naturally as we started moving and going up the semi-steep trail, my body started to warm up and I peeled the layers off and they were all able to fit in my bag, a long sleeve shirt, a fleece vest, light jacket and beanie. The pack may it up down four 14’ers with me, carrying about the same load each time. I absolutely loved how I can fit everything that I need for the day in the pack.  The quality of the pack was durable as well. The little mist from the early mornings did create dew on the pack, but my things for the most part were dry. The price for the backpack is fairly good, especially if you’re looking for a pack that can carry a decent load for the day. I also enjoyed the straps and multiple lash points on the outside to hang quick accessible gear.

My only changes that I think could make this pack better would to have better back support. The back of the pack where your back rest upon, is very flexible and not stiff at all, so it forms to your body, but doesn’t support your back very well.  The other feature that could make the pack even better would to add some kind of zipper at the main opening or provide a rain cover for the pack. Luckily, each time I had the pack with me on an adventure, it was lightly sprinkling or mist in the air. However, I feel that if caught in the moderate rain storm your belongings inside the pack would get a bit wet, since the main compartment is closed by a draw cord. Overall, I would recommend this pack for a day adventure. The price of $45+tax, which is an excellent deal for the amount of room and little compartments that come along with it.

Wenzel Boulderdasche

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  1. I usually have a lot in my pack, even on a day hike. I carry the gear for my two kids and myself, and I really hate being caught unprepared. Plus, I have a huge bag of medications I have to carry with me, so even if I packed “light” my pack would still be pretty heavy. 🙂 It’s worth it though!

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