Note: The Original Muck Boot Company provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

How much do you hate having wet and cold feet? For me it’s the worst! If my feet aren’t comfortable, then I’m not having a good time. Ambassador Val reviewed the Muckster II Clog. Read below to see what she thought!

I hate wet feet. Unfortunately, I live in the woods and this past summer was one of the wettest on record. I am constantly going in and out of the house and getting my feet all wet and muddy in the process – and, of course, spreading that mud all over the floor of my house. Every night, I would hose off my shoes and every morning, they’d be cold and wet when I put them on. It was a vicious, uncomfortable cycle.

Enter Muck Boot Company’s Muckster II clogs. These clogs are rated to be warm and cozy in temperatures ranging from 65 degrees fahrenheit to sub-freezing – and they weren’t exaggerating. These clogs kept my feet warm, dry and cozy while raking leaves today and while shoveling snow last week. What’s even better is that they have the bottoms are textured to provide traction, even in the muddiest conditions. In my back yard, there is a steep, muddy, slippery hill that I have slipped down at least a dozen times. When I had my Muckster II’s on, however, I didn’t slip at all, not even a little bit. I was able to walk all over my uneven, muddy yard with total confidence. They’re also easy to slip on and off, so I keep them at the ready by the back door. Gone are the days of cold wet feet!

I did find a few drawbacks however. The first of which is these guys are heavy. While I’d love to take them along on a hike for camp shoes, at almost 2 pounds, that’s out of the question. The other issue that I had is that they’re very difficult to walk in. I have to shuffle my gait to keep them on my feet. I’m not sure why this is – I wear clogs often and I’ve never experienced anything like this. Unfortunately, this is why I just keep them for trips to my backyard instead of wearing them while running around town.

Still, if you’re looking for a stylish warm clog to protect your feet in muddy conditions, I recommend that you try them even with the $80 price tag. They are very warm and comfortable, and I don’t ever have to worry about wet feet again!

Women’s Muckster II Clog

10 comments on “Women’s Muckster II Clog Review + GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Oh how i hate wet feet sometimes you run in to a puddle then shoes and socks are soaked then you continue to walk and then blisters appear ouch no fun at all

  2. I live closet to work so when no one can get to work I get to walk in and open day care. I do not like cold feet when I get there

  3. I hate hate hate cold feet because it usually means i’ll be suffering for at least a week afterwards due to complications from Chilblains (pernio)

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