Staying hydrated is extremely important, but we tend to not think about making sure our electrolytes are at a good level. Ambassador Kimberly reviewed EnduroPacks Liquid Electrolytes. Read below to see what she think.

When I first received the package in the mail and opened it up I was a bit surprised it was in a small sprayer squirt bottle. I didn’t realize what it was at first. That was most likely my reason for not trying the product for over a month. I just wasn’t sure about it as we all are so used to the mixes which either fizz or turn your water into a nice pastel shade of pink or green.

When I finally decided to take it on a long half day hike I appreciated the small size. I usually carry a hydration pack but also a small plastic water bottle for my energy or electrolyte mixed drink. I like to keep my hydration pack free from mixes to keep it clean. Being that I could take the small bottle with me I didn’t need to worry about only have one bottle of electrolyte mix made. I could always make more.

I loved the taste or should I say non-taste! It was subtle. You knew you weren’t drinking straight water yet you were not overwhelmed with a strong flavor. A huge plus for me as primarily a water only type of drinker. I still laughed the first time I put it in my bottle as my friends looked on. It just seemed so counter-intuitive of what we believe electrolyte mix should be.


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I used it on the hike and over the several hours of drinking it and alternating some water, I felt good. Enduro Packs did not cause me any stomach or digestive distress which is always a possibility with my aging, more finicky gut!

Disclaimer, however, I did not push myself to my physical limits on this hike or in subsequent rides where I used the product. On a scale of 1 to 10 on intensity, with a 10 being most intense, I was hiking and cycling at about a level 6. With that, I had a pleasant taste, no gastrointestinal issues and was overall pleased with the product and its performance.

My only advice for the company is to find a way to overcome our ingrained idea of what an electrolyte product looks like. I’m sorry now it took me so long to try it and will definitely use it more and with more intense hiking and cycling excursions. I know with positive word of mouth this excellent product will continue to build its base of customers, however, maybe capitalizing on its unique delivery system would be a way to win converts like myself. The challenge is, I never would have tried the product without having the opportunity as a reviewer and knowing what I know now, I would have missed out on an excellent electrolyte.

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