Note: MPOWERD provided a sample to us at no  charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are own.

Don’t be left int he dark! Ambassador Emily reviewed the MPOWED Luci Pro: Outdoor 2.0 + mobile charging. Below are her thoughts.

If you are looking for a functional lantern that you can literally take anywhere, look no further. The Luci lantern is small and compacts nicely, but you can tell that it is nice quality instead of the cheaper inflatable lanterns out there. It seems that MPOWERD has thought of various functionalities for the outdoor world.

Since the lantern compacts to a flat circle, it can safely be stored just about anywhere. It has a strap on it so that you can also attach it and face it up when on the move to soak up sun rays so it’s ready to glow when you arrive at your destination. When you are ready to inflate, open the lid and quickly blow inside. It takes a couple of minutes to inflate with ease. My four year old daughter was even able to inflate it. The mouthpiece to inflate tucks nicely back into its place and is designed to stay put and I would not fear that it would deflate without reason. The mouthpiece is secure and covered, something I think of when on the river and river water is splashing around. The handle that has snaps to open and close around a rope, strap or tree branch is convenient to hang or carry the light for optimal placement. The snap also has two different snaps so its adjustable if necessary which is handy.

While I like to think that I can totally disconnect in the outdoors, having a charge on my phone and music speaker can be nice at night. If you are looking for a charge, you can click on the battery button and it will tell you how much charge there is with light indicators from one to three. Then remove the USB cover and plug in. I found that I had to remember to have the lantern out during the day if I wanted to use it that night. I could not charge it up in the sun and then expect to put it away and then use the USB charger a few days later. Once you’re at camp, just keep the lantern in a sunny place during the day and the charge should last for a very long time, charging multiple items.

The light is great. Sometimes LED lanterns are just too bright or too blue, but this one illuminates nicely and has 3 different levels of light depending on what you need it for. For safety reasons, it also offers flashing options. The light lasts for up to 7 hours which is nice if you’re needing that. I was not in need of that long of lasting light but was glad to know that it was there during the night if I needed it. It was also super easy to take off and carry to wherever I needed for some midnight pee breaks.

When you’re done, simply open up the mouth piece, squeeze and it deflates completely flat for your next use or travel. I would highly recommend, especially at just $34.95, and can tell it is much better quality than the average inflatable lantern on the market. Thank you MPOWERD!

MPowered Inflatable Lantern

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