Note: MPOWERED provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

There are many ways to light the campsite – a lantern, a headlamp, or maybe a string of lights. I love the ambient light that string lights give off. In fact, I used them to light my college apartment. A lightweight, solar powered set sounds perfect for illuminating you campsite!  Ambassador Emily Marquis reviewed the MPOWERED Luci String Lights. Read below to see what she thinks!

MPOWERD has produced another awesome product, one that I dreamed of in my head and was so excited to test out! In general, I love string lights all times of the year – inside and outside. They add just the right amount of light and ambiance for any occasion and safety in the outdoors. Sometimes lanterns are too much and you want something more subtle. String lights are my go to. But I don’t always have an outlet or want to burn a battery. MPOWERD came up with a solution! It also doubles as a flashlight and USB charging station.

The Luci string lights come in a compact sealed case with a solar panel on the top. The case is of high quality, yes also seemingly light weight. Simply place the unit in the sun for a couple of hours and you get up to 14 hours of use. I charged my unit during the day, turned the lights on at 8pm and they were still on when I checked on them in the morning 13 hours later with the same level of brightness.

The lights are super easy to use. Simply twist the canister on the arrows and the canister opens and reveals the wound lights. You can unwind the lights while holding them, or conveniently hang the canister by the secure strap and unwind the strings to where you want them placed. There are tiny little clips on the string if you need to clip them to something, such as a tent or material, etc.

When you need them, just turn the power button on and you’re good to go. Click the power button on and the small flashlight is illuminated for the top. Click the power button a second time and the flashlight goes off, string lights come on. So awesome! I have used these in my backyard and while camping.

Not only is it a sweet set of lights, it is a USB charging station which can be used while the lights are on or by itself after the unit is charged in the sun. You can also use the charging station while the unit is itself being charged in the sun.

This is a super cool, high quality efficient product that I am so fortunate to have. Its essential for inside and outdoor use and a great gift! Thanks MPOWERD for another great product!

MPOWERD Luci String Lights

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  1. Depends on the time of year. Nothing beats a campfire on a cool evening. With LED lighting technology and battery life getting better, A string of lights is perfect on a summer evening!

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